Watch Out For Uranus: Weekend Horoscopes March 8-10 Betches

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You most likely understand that Mercury remains in retrograde today (isn’t it constantly), however that’s really the least of your issues. This Wednesday Uranus (lol) vacated Aries for the very first time in 7 years and landed directly in Taurus, indicating sh * t will alter drastically for everybody. Ugh. When you were getting your life together (kind of), simply. Here’s what the stars have in shop for you this weekend.


What is this sensation? Is it stability? Today Uranus left your indication and headed into Taurus, suggesting your common Friday night desire to go ham and forget your own name has actually lastly passed. Not stating you’re gon na quit tequila shots completely, however you’ll absolutely be investing less on Uber cleansing charges, which’s absolutely something.



You’re normally the individual in your good friend group who calls the Uber, takes your buddy’s phone when she’s about to text a f * ckboy, and holds her hair back when the vodka returns to get her. Beginning this weekend, be all set to change functions. Crazy-ass Uranus is headed into your indication this weekend, making your generally level-headed indication go batsh * t insane. Do not fret. It’ll just be there for the next 7 years


Boundaries, Gemini, borders. Discover what this word suggests. Uranus is formally cooling in your twelfth home of “shifts and deep inner recovery,” suggesting it’s time to reassess your relationships with a few of your “buddies”. Is Meghan really a bestie, or is she simply somebody who wishes to benefit from the liberal pal pass policy at your health club? Can you even appreciate somebody who spells Meghan with an h? These are concerns you should ask.



There’s a brand-new moon in Pisces registered nurse and it’s striking you with a severe desire to GTFO. Seriously. It’s time to utilize them if you’ve got travel miles. (If you do not, Jennifer Garner appears quite consumed the Capital One Venture Rewards Card.) Certainly a last-minute vacay can be type of a high order, however if you disregard this desire now then you’re destined 3 more weeks of no trip like an unfortunate pale Punxsutawney Phil. Do not be an unfortunate pale Punxatawney Phil.


The brand-new moon in Pisces is providing you all kinds of feels, particularly the “I require to understand wtf is going on in my relationship” feels. This is the weekend to either lock it down or let it go if you and your newest boo are in undefined area. If you remain in a dedicated thing, firstly congrats, second of all, how can you take it to the next level? I’m not stating get wed, however I am stating there’s no damage in beginning a Pinterest board for focal points. That’s simply accountable preparation.


Exciting news for you, Virgo. After 7 years of cooling in your home of relationships and f * cking up your whole life, Uranus has actually carried on. Yep, that’s. Considering that the year 2003, Uranus has actually been screwing up all of your relationships. You understood it wasn’t your fault. Now you’re totally free! Take this weekend to advance a present relationship, scope out brand-new potential customers, and lastly release the f * ckboys that were holding you back. F * ck Uranus permanently?


Initiating slut mode! (Okay, so “sluts” are really simply a construct produced by the patriarchy to manage ladies’s sexuality however like, you get what I indicate.) Uranus is headed into your home of all things magical, esoteric, and sexual for the next 7 years, so if you do not have an IUD possibly get on that. The stars are actually lined up for you to start some insane, attractive experiences, so accept it. I indicate who does not wish to be the Samantha of the group?



Uranus is on the relocation, therefore are you! It’s time to alter sh * t up. This is not the weekend to strike up your normal bar, with your normal buddies, and purchase your normal beverages. You’re in the state of mind for a modification, even if that simply indicates getting a various kind of mixed drink. Even Carrie Bradshaw has actually begun consuming Stellas now. Discover a method you can alter it up this weekend, or be relegated to a fate even worse than death: dullness.


Awwww Sagittarius what’s incorrect? You’re like, hella delicate today (thanks, brand-new moon in Pisces). To make it through this weekend without a public disaster, keep in mind the following:
No, everybody is not mad at you. No, everybody is not hanging out without you.
Sometimes texts come off upset however the sender was in fact simply on the toilet and typing with one hand.
No, these sensations do not belong on Insta story.
Please text your mom.



Luckily for you, Capricorn, this brand-new moon in Pisces is really having a favorable impact on your life (see every other indication’s horoscopes for more information on how this might have played out). You’re in the state of mind to get sh * t relocating your life, so take a while this weekend to be efficient in some type. Simply keep in mind that Mercury remains in retrograde, so please check and re-check very important e-mails for typos.


Admit it Aquarius, you’re tired af. Fortunately, Uranus is flying all over the location registered nurse, making this weekend the best time to shake sh * t up. This is not the weekend for accountable decision-making. This is the weekend for following enjoyment, experience, and enjoyable, no matter where that might lead you. Simply keep in mind to avoid utilizing the expression “Uranus made me do it” when your moms and dads are purchasing you a return flight from Vegas since you awakened Sunday early morning with $-100 in monitoring.


New moon, exact same you! The brand-new moon in your indication is enhancing all your most-Pisces like propensities, so do not be alarmed if you weep at every canine that you see. The brand-new moon is likewise going to provide you some clearness about wtf you’re performing in life (for when), so make sure to take a while to really compose your objectives down prior to the brand-new moon fades and you forget actually whatever you wished to finish with your life.

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