‘Game of Thrones’ actor adds fuel to the fire of a wild Gendry theory

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King Gendry Baratheon does have a great right to it, doesn'' t it?
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Gendry made his victorious go back to Game of Thrones last season (probably after numerous years of rowing). Now, star Joe Dempsie is teasing the possibility of a game-changing theory about his character in Season 8.

In a Men’s Health interview , Dempsie confessed to wading into Gendry theory area and was interested by one that fans created all the method back in Season 1:

I simply desired responses about my character. I was the most curious regarding what we may discover Gendry’s parentage. Undoubtedly, we understand that he was the bastard of Robert Baratheon, however who may his mover have been?There’s a line in season one, and it’s a very first scene you ever see of Gendry, where he’s wanting to Ned and he’s inquired about his mom, and he states he does not keep in mind much about her at all, besides the truth that she had yellow hair and she would sing to him. It’s one of those things where you go, “ Do they generally compose lines that do not suggest anything, or lines that appear to have significance that [are] never ever dealt with once again? ” I was type of fascinated to see what that may indicate, and what effect that may have on Gendry’s influence politically.

Political influence!

If(that’s a huge” if”)Gendry is not a bastard however in reality the first-born child of Robert and Cersei Baratheon, that would provide him an equivalent if not much better claim to the Iron Throne than even Jon or Daenerys. At least, it would make him the successor to Storm’s End.

Melisandre * did * demand the power of Gendry

‘s king’s blood

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To be reasonable, this is most likely simply Dempsie tossing out a red herring. Video game of Thrones stars are infamous for lying to push in order to shake off fans. And it ‘d be very unusual for Dempsie to provide a theory that winds up holding true in Season 8.

But for funsies, let’s return to evaluate the proof for a 2nd.

The line Demspie describes isn’t the only tip that Gendry might be Cersei’s true-born kid. In Season 1 when Cersei is attempting to provide Catelyn some convenience throughout Bran’s post-fall coma, she speaks about her very first child, who she declares was stillborn.

Cersei likewise explains the child as a “black-haired appeal,” which is incredibly of note due to the fact that all her other kids are blonde (because they’re in fact Jaime’s). Bear in mind that Ned just understood Cersei’s kids weren’t Robert’s due to the fact that the Baratheon “seed is strong,” and just ever produces dark-haired offsprings.

But prior to you go purchasing into the King Gendry theory, there’s another more possible analysis for why these lines was essential

It’s more than likely suggested to demonstrate how, even in these 2 cases where blonde moms were tossed into the mix (Cersei and Gendry’s mommy), the Baratheon seed was still more dominant. The truth that all 3 of Cersei’s other kids were blonde is quite conclusive evidence that they are not Robert’s.

Outside of theory area, Dempsie did likewise provide some handles the total ending, like that it does not end the method fan theories have actually anticipated:

[I’m feeling] happiness and, I think, relief at the truth that they handled to bring this program to such a wonderful close. That’s a complicated possibility for anybody … I believe that if the program ended in the manner in which a great deal of individuals online forecasted, then that may be a little bit of an anticlimax.

And while that unforeseen Season 8 endgame may make some pleased, “There might be individuals that aren’t too crazy about the ending. I actually believe that it’s one that will stand the test of time.”

Gendry most likely will not rest on the Iron Throne. There are lots of other methods he might show crucial to how things end in Season 8, which we’ve hypothesized about here .

Urgh the number of more days are left till April 14?

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