The Shirk Report Volume 518

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Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will discover 20 amusing images, 10 intriguing posts and 5 amusing videos from the last 7 days of sorting. A lot of images discovered on Reddit; posts from Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail; videos originate from all over. Any tips? Send out a note to


This street entertainer offers action ‘ battle scene ’ images and you ’ re the star How to leave a public restroom The year is 2014 I am energy When you forget you ’ re downwind How I enter bed | How I decrease stairs | How I delve into snowbanks Stand for something or succumb to anything * place baffled emoji The meanest beast This bird appears like Danny DeVito Have you ever been this tired? Check this technique out I put on ’ t understand who you are, however I will discover you and I will hug you It ’ s for the very best actually I ’ m here for this Improvise. Adjust. Conquer Just when, I desire somebody to wake me up like this Until next week


Emilia Clarke, of “ Game of Thrones ” on Surviving Two Life-Threatening Aneurysms The Surprisingly Long History of Throwing Eggs at Politicians After the Big One: Can You Imagine America Without Los Angeles? Scientists Played Music to Cheese as It Aged. Hip-Hop Produced the Funkiest Flavor It â € ™ s difficult to lead an absolutely ethical life â € ” however it â € ™ s enjoyable to attempt An Exclusive Look at an Original iPhone Prototype > Edvard Munch ’ s Scream isn ’ t shouting, states British Museum Your Pillows Might Be Killing Your Neck The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis



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