Seth Meyers Conducts New Trump Test On Beto, Draws F**king Weird Conclusion

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Seth Meyers is eager to inspect strange remarks made by Donald Trump’ s possible Democratic oppositions in 2020 in the exact same method he mockingly selects apart those made by the president himself.

The comic described on Thursday’ s broadcast of “ Late Night ” that “ we ’ re going to ask ourselves ‘ would we tease Trump if he stated that?’ ”

And he debuted his brand-new test on previous Texas congressman Beto O’ Rourke, who revealed his governmental run on Thursday.

Meyers imitated Trump as he read out some O ’ Rourke ’ s responses from an interview with Vanity Fair about among his very first political project rallies:

“ Because every word was taken out of me. Like, by some higher force, which was simply individuals there. Whatever that I stated, I was, like, seeing myself, resembling, How am I stating this things? Where is this originating from? ”

“ Yeah, no, Beto, that was fucking odd. Yeah. That was a fucking odd thing to state, &

rdquo; Meyers summed up. “ Seriously, I did not understand that weed was legal in Texas. ”

Check out the clip above.


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