Venezuelan opposition leader arrives in Bogota for meeting with Pence after weekend of violence

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(CNN)Venezuela’s self-declared interim president and opposition leader, Juan Guaido, showed up in Bogota, Colombia, on Sunday ahead of a Monday conference with United States Vice President Mike Pence.

The Colombian foreign minister stated 285 individuals were harmed, with 37 needing hospitalization, after the Venezuelan National Guard fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters near the Colombian border Saturday.
National Assembly Representative and Guaido fan Adriana Pichardo informed CNN that a minimum of 5 individuals were likewise eliminated in clashes with Venezuelan security forces.

    Bogota on Saturday night stated all border crossings in between Colombia and Venezuela would be closed Sunday and Monday so that authorities might assess damage to facilities it stated had actually been triggered by the Maduro federal government.
    Venezuelan Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez stated Sunday– after security forces had actually fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters– that the nation’s security forces had actually safeguarded the border in “excellent” style.
    But Bachelet, the UN authorities, stated the violence was extreme.
    “People have actually been shot and eliminated, others have actually supposedly gotten injuries from which they will never ever entirely recuperate, consisting of losing eyes,” she stated in a declaration. “These are disgraceful scenes. The Venezuelan federal government needs to stop its forces from utilizing extreme force versus normal residents and unarmed protesters.”
    The guv of Roraima, the Brazilian state surrounding Venezuela, stated a state of medical emergency situation on Sunday, according to a news release from the Roraima Ministry of Health.

    Governor Antonio Denarium is priced quote in the release stating the state’s biggest medical facility, in the capital Boa Vista, is “at the edge of collapse” following the increase of victims hurt in clashes throughout the border in Venezuela. Currently, 20 clients are being dealt with in Roraima healthcare facilities, according to the release.
    Trucks bring materials were obstructed at the majority of areas Saturday. Humanitarian help moved through the Brazilian-Venezuelan border in Pacaraima, according to Maria Teresa Belandria, Venezuela’s opposition-appointed ambassador to Brazil.
    Witnesses stated 2 trucks were fired while trying to cross into Venezuela from Colombia.
    CNN can not separately validate the occurrence or the scenarios of how the 2 trucks were set on fire.
    Rodriguez implicated Guaido advocates of burning the trucks. While a CNN group saw incendiary gadgets from authorities on the Venezuelan side of the border fire up the trucks, the network’s reporters are uncertain if the trucks were burned on function.
    Venezuelan soldiers took on versus protesters who were requiring to cross the border at Ure ñ a to go operate in Colombia, according to a CNN team that saw the scene at the Tienditas Bridge.
    In an indication that Maduro’s grip on the military– control of which is viewed as important to requiring brand-new elections– might be subsiding, Colombia’s customizeds company stated Sunday that 104 members of Venezuela’s security forces have actually defected, going into Colombia.

    Images of burning trucks ‘sickening’

    In a series of tweets Saturday, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned the actions of Maduro’s federal government and stated the United States would “act versus those who oppose the tranquil repair of democracy in Venezuela.”
    “We knock Maduro’s rejection to let humanitarian help reach #Venezuela. What sort of an ill autocrat stops food from getting to starving individuals? The images of burning trucks filled with help are sickening,” Pompeo tweeted .
    He blamed “Maduro’s goons” for attacks on civilians , implicated “Cuban representatives” of directing the attacks and applauded opposition leader Guaido– acknowledged by 50 countries consisting of the United States as Venezuela’s interim president — for leading the effort to permit the help through.
    “While Interim President Juan Guaido constructs circulation networks for humanitarian help, Maduro obstructs its entry and sends out armed criminal gangs to assault the innocent civilians accompanying the convoys,” Pompeo stated in a declaration Saturday .

    United States leaders weigh in

    On Monday, Pence will take a trip to Colombia to attend to a conference of the Lima Group– comprised of leaders mainly from Latin American nations. The White House stated Pence would “voice the United States’ steadfast assistance for interim President Juan Guaido and highlight the Venezuelan individuals’s defend democracy over dictatorship.”
    A White House authorities stated Saturday that Pence will meet Guaido on Monday in Bogota, throughout Pence’s see to Colombia.

    On Saturday he informed advocates he was breaking all diplomatic relations with Colombia and requiring its consuls and ambassadors to leave Venezuela.
    Colombian Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo stated all the diplomats were purchased to leave right away for their security. 4 Colombian consuls have actually returned from Venezuela, Colombian migration authorities stated Sunday.
    Maduro likewise threatened the United States: “If the empire attempts to attack, they will be gotten by the strength of the Venezuelan militaries.”

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