30 Hilarious Intentionally Stupid Comments By Ken M

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Online trolls have earned themselves a pretty nasty reputation for spreading negativity across the web – but online personality Ken M is one of the exceptions. Known simply as ‘Ken M’ online, Kenneth McCarthy is a copywriter at Comedy Central, who has made a name for himself on the internet for his hilarious trolls on news outlet pages.

Characterized typically as various old men in his avatars, the writer has earned himself such a large fanbase that there is an entire subreddit /r/kenm dedicated to his witty posts. In an interview with Reddit’s Upvoted blog, McCarthy said his troll style comments were a response to lack of civility he noticed in the space, “I was appalled by the Yahoo comment section. It was such a toxic, shitty space.” Scroll down below to see some of the best comments from Ken M and don’t forget to upvote your favs!


Thirty-nine-year-old internet bad boy Kenneth McCarthy was born and bred in Florida but now lives in Brooklyn, New York. His comment career began in 2011 as a way to cope with his frustration with the internet, “I wasn’t that internet savvy. I didn’t even know what trolling was. I just started doing it. I thought, ‘I wonder how idiotic I can be, but still be believable.’ It turned into this weird exercise,” he said in his Reddit interview.


What began as an experimental hobby for his own entertainment eventually turned into a full on job at College Humor, where he was offered his own column to post as Ken M professionally. Unfortunately, after a year he decided to let the column go, “It became difficult to churn out content. The content started suffering. I started to imitate myself in a desperate way,” he told the blog.


After his stint at College Humor he went back to commenting for fun, targeting online news outlet pages, Yahoo and Huffington Post being his favs, “Yahoo has the most beautifully gullible people. The people on Huffington Post are humorless and pedantic. I tried it with Fox News, but that group is such a furious wasp nest.”


McCarthy said in his interview that he is aware of his fan base and finds it awesome and odd. “I do know about the sub. It’s so awesome. I’m not a Reddit user. I don’t understand the hardcore culture of Reddit. I always thought they were a lot meaner, like 4chan, but they are so nice to me,” he told their blog, but added, “Fandom is a little weird,” he describes. “I was uncomfortable. I think most people are uncomfortable with earnest compliments. These kids think I’m famous. I wasn’t trying to be a big mystery.”


Though he might be one of the most beloved trolls, McCarthy explained to Upvoted that he could care less about internet fame, “What I do is turn a toxic space into a source of belly laughter, so it’s not gross anymore. That’s what I do.”


























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