Which Celebrity Has The Most Ridiculous Postmates Orders? Betches

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Of all the contemporary innovation that enhances our lives every day, I believe my preferred classification of creation is the food shipment app. Provider like Postmates, Uber Eats, and Seamless integrate all of my preferred activities: food, slouching, and costs excessive time on my phone. Besides the truth that the shipment costs drain my savings account, what’s not to enjoy? While having unrestricted funds for my Postmates practice is generally my dream, it’s a truth for a few of our preferred stars. Who has the craziest Postmates orders? Let’s discover.

Cara Delevingne

Postmates has actually a series called “ The Receipt ,” where they profile a celebrity and their purchasing routines. The current topic is Cara Delevingne, who is an icon of thick eyebrows, and likewise obviously of buying food. She positioned her very first Postmates order on Halloween in 2014 (for a bottle of Jack Daniels), and ever since she’s invested more than $25,000 on the app.

Among Cara’s leading 10 areas to buy from are Taco Bell, Domino’s and Sephora? Fascinating option, thinking about makeup business most likely send her complimentary sh * t left and right, however I think even supermodels need to purchase their own Fenty Beauty items. Simply to show that she’s abundant, she likewise had actually AirPods provided recently. Props to Cara for determining a method to prevent costs 7 hours at the Apple Store. The most costly thing she’s ever bought was a $326 vacuum, which I dislike to confess that I’m envious of.

$25,000 undoubtedly seems like a great deal of loan, however if you do the mathematics, that’s like $15 a day considering that October 2014. I feel great that Cara can manage that, and I’m seriously lured to devote to that way of life myself. Am I going to wind up with a mountain of financial obligation? Possibly.

Kylie Jenner

At the end of 2018, Postmates released a post about all of Kylie Jenner’s orders, and I truly discovered a lot. They exposed that Kylie invested $10,000 on shipments in 2015, which seems like a lot, however isn’t all that stunning, considered that $10,000 most likely suggests to her what $100 indicates to me, which I’ ve invested method more than $100 on Postmates in the previous year. Kylie’s most-ordered product was a cream cheese bagel, due to the fact that obviously carbohydrates and dairy have no affect on her. I’m not envious.

My preferred stat about Kylie’s purchasing is that she as soon as bought 4 times within 10 minutes:

2:07 PM, 6-pack macaron ice cream sandwiches from Milk
2:11 PM, penne Bolognese from Mauro’ s Caf at Fred Segal
2:13 PM, taquitos, Mexican rice, enchiladas and a tostada salad from Casita del Campo
2:17 PM, truffle “ Impossible Burger ” from Umami Burger

I understand she was getting food at the set of an image shoot, however it still sounds outrageous. Her Postmates overall will most likely be a lot lower this year, thinking about that she’ll no longer be buying food for Jordyn Woods all the time.

John Legend

Postmates likewise did a post about John Legend’s purchasing routines, however I’m a little dissatisfied that they didn’t inform us just how much he’s invested in general. It’s most likely more than I make in a year, thinking about that he’s bought over 600 times. He’s likewise bought in 27 various cities, instead of Kylie Jenner, who hardly leaves her estate in Calabasas. I now understand for sure that John is the male of my dreams, due to the fact that he as soon as bought $700 of sushi from Nobu. Why isn’t this my life?

It appears like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend really share an account, so a few of the more strange orders on the account are certainly from Chrissy. She when inadvertently bought 25 bottles of A1 steak sauce, so that’s relatable. Truthfully, I may transfer to LA and end up being a Postmates chauffeur so I have a possibility of conference Chrissy Teigen.

Post Malone

Say what you will about Post Malone, however he’s certainly method richer than everyone. Back in October, TMZ reported that Post had actually invested over $40,000 on Postmates in the previous year, which is genuinely wild. I’ve constantly thought Post Malone and I had something and typical, and I lastly figured it out: the majority of his shipment orders were from junk food dining establishments like Popeyes, KFC, and Burger King. On one celebration, he particularly asked Chick-Fil-A to send out “the biggest nugget tray they had.” A male after my own heart, genuinely. That intoxicated food, Post Malone likewise utilized Postmates to prepare for the taking place hangover, as soon as buying 3 bottles of grape Pedialyte. Regard.

Post Malone, and likewise me:
So the ethical of the story is that all of these celebs are abundant and can purchase whatever the f * ck they desire on Postmates. Need to be good. My preliminary strategy was to completely roast Post Malone and co. for their purchasing practices, however I would absolutely do the exact same thing if I had that sort of loan. Likewise, who am I kidding, I’ve bought food 3 times in the last week. RIP my checking account, it’s been genuine.

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