Lets Talk About All The Good PewdiePie Has Done

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Felix Kjellberg (AKA PewDiePie) is the biggest YouTuber to ever strike the platform. The majority of the time, his name is followed up by a list of his scandals’ — however I would rather concentrate on all the excellent he has actually done, on all the lives he has actually altered.

For months, Felix has actually been battling to preserve his top area versus T-Series, which is India’s biggest Music Label &&Movie Studio. Of the attention their back-and-forth has actually gotten, Felix prompted his audiences to contribute to Child Rights And You, a company looking for to assist kids in India.

Felix has actually utilized his platform to scream out YouTubers who are worthy of acknowledgment. He has actually likewise assisted creators like return on their platforms after being prohibited.

A couple of years back, Felix raised over 400,000 for Charity Water, a project bringing tidy water to Rwanda.

Felix commemorated reaching 25 million customers by developing a charity project for Save The Children, which offers kids throughout the world much better education, healthcare, and financial chances.

Felix held a charity livestream called Cringemas with a few of his closest YouTube buddies in order to support Red, which intends to end AIDs. Over a number of hours, he raised over 1.3 MILLION dollars.

Felix just recently made a contribution to a park with a vandalized World War II memorial.

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