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“She didn’t blink.”

It’s a strange observation, however when ex-Theranos receptionist Cheryl Gafner makes it, it’s tough to shake — Elizabeth Holmes, the scammer behind the now defunct blood screening business Theranos , does not blink.

Or a minimum of when she does blink, it is finished with function, a cool and determining gesture that accompanies a particular word or expression. To Holmes, blinks are relatively for communicating genuineness and developing trust, not an uncontrolled reaction to, y’ understand, having eyeballs.

It’s an upsetting habits to witness, especially when put in the context of Holmes’ unsafe multi-million dollar scams. Getting awareness of scary information like this one is a vital part of The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley seeing experience.

Directed by Alex Gibney (Going Clear), HBO’s brand-new documentary follows Holmes, the unblinking, solid business owner, all the method from her modest, Thomas Edison-obsessed starts to her damning 2018 indictment last June.

Holmes is accountable for among the most high-risk and sophisticated plans ever to strike Silicon Valley. The Inventor does more than simply point out her misbehaviours to make its point.

Scene by scene, the documentary highlights Holmes’ unnerving habits, unsteady voice, and enchanting, lovely eyes to develop the scare element related to her power and intelligence.

The Inventor‘s appealing and imaginative picture of ex-CEO Elizabeth Holmes does not inform the heart-wrenching story of an excited, do-gooder lost in the possibilities of her own splendour. Rather, its developers have actually provided a modern-day, knowledgeable, and factually precise beast motion picture — it’s reliable, it’s unnerving, and above all else, it’s quite frightening.

The Inventor debuts on HBO Monday, March 18, at 6 p.m. ET.

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