YouTube time traveler says he has a photo of a T. rexwith purple feathers

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Forget about. This expected YouTube time tourist wishes to reveal you a picture of a dinosaur he states he took 60 million years back.

Is it phony? Nearly surely so. Does that even matter if the expected time tourist has an excellent story to inform? Not according to the countless fans, thrill-seekers, and conspiracy theorists who have actually turned time travel into a popular YouTube category.

So, let’s dive in to this anonymous time tourist with a foreign-sounding accent and a pixelated face who granted an interview with.

Here’s the complete video (the time tourist does not start revealing the picture till about 15 minutes have actually passed).

This time tourist was very first included on the ApexTV channel in 2018. Because that time, he stated he went back to his house year of 2082– this is a little uncommon given that the majority of individuals included on this channel do not confess to time taking a trip in between YouTube looks– prior to travelling back to 2019 to reveal us the image of a feathered, purple T. rex.

He stated he works for an “institute” that sends out employees back in time to gather clinical information from the past. His task is to tape-record historic occasions and offer complete information about them. Like seeing a T. rex with plumes that are purple, blue, and green.

“That’s the advantage of utilizing time travel for clinical functions,” he stated. “You’re able to see precisely what the past resembled without needing to make any guesses or needing to take a look at fossils or anything like that. You’re able to see it with your own 2 eyes.”

According to the expected time tourist, he does not understand the precise information for how time travel works (the very same thing stated by almost everyone else included by ApexTV) however he explained the time maker as a little sphere things that stabilizes completely on the ground. He stated the sphere starts to turn and spin rapidly, and when the window to the outdoors world turns white, that suggests the time travel procedure has actually started.

The sphere, he stated, can be entirely unnoticeable to the world when it comes to its location– in this case, he stated he went 60 million years back into the past– and from the sky, he stated he might see dinosaurs like stegosaurus, triceratops, and T. rex. After bringing the time maker to the ground in what is now the southwestern U.S., he stated he snapped a picture.

“You can see it in fact reveals a living T. rex, and it was caught on cam,” he stated. “This is what T. rex’s in fact appeared like.”

Of course, that picture isn’t definitive. Like– for instance, the individual who had from 2120 or the male who stated he had photographic evidence– expected proof like this suggests practically absolutely nothing.

But hey, it’s an excellent tale, even if there’s practically no opportunity it’s real. Specifically because, ahem, T. rex didn’t live at the very same time as the stegosaurus.

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