Cantina Talk: Here’s What One Dude Has Seen of Episode IX

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You'&#x 27; re not alone if you'&#x 27; re believing that the Star Wars franchise is appearing simply a bit … more compressed recently. The animated series Star Wars Resistance simply brought its very first season to an end by entering the shadow (and runtime) of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and in doing so left just the books and comics to advise fans there'&#x 27; s a universe beyond the films. Or, well, that'&#x 27; s the case up until Lucasfilm exposes more about the Disney+ programs. In the meantime, however, let'&#x 27; s get lost in what'&#x 27; s going on in the added to the next huge Star Wars flick.

A Least One Person Has Seen (Some of) Episode IX

The Source: One fortunate Disney investor

Probability of Accuracy: It'&#x 27; s most likely really precise, if infuriatingly unclear.

The Real Deal: While the remainder of the world is impatiently waiting for an opportunity to see some video from Star Wars: Episode IX, Disney investors have actually been delighting in the advantages of their financial investments with an early take a look at the film. What did they see? The good news is, among those fortunate adequate to view some video footage shared short teases on Twitter.

In short, basically whatever you believed you &#x 27;d see, other than now you understand that it &#x 27; s real. Or, a minimum of, you have a complete stranger &#x 27; s word that they &#x 27; ve seen something like it onscreen. Which, in this digital day and'age, is basically the'very same thing.

Everyone You Think Is in Episode IX Might Not Be in Episode IX

The Source : Someone who must understand: star Matt Smith, reported to have actually signed on for the film

Probability of Accuracy: It &#x 27; s extremely tough to inform at this moment, thanks to a long custom of false information.

The Real Deal: If it appeared as if everybody remained in the last chapter of the Skywalker Saga, a twist in the tale has actually emerged, thanks to an interview with previous Doctor Who and The Crown star Matt Smith. Smith, you might remember, was supposedly cast in the film last August, in a secret function that nobody might rather select beyond” He &#x 27; s most likely a bad man.” Speaking with The Los Angeles Times , Smith provided a prospective reason that no one might exercise who he was playing; he &#x 27; s not really in Star Wars: Episode IX at all.”As far as I can inform, I &#x 27; m absolutely not,” he &#x 27; s priced estimate as stating, and if that &#x 27; s not the most blunt depend on an effort to misdirect fans ever, it “&#x 27; s something that'will be really awkward to everybody who reported that'he was in the motion picture. ( Including us . Oops.)For what it &#x 27; s worth, we stay persuaded that he &#x 27; s in the movie, which this is simply an extremely awkward method to sidetrack individuals from the ultimate expose, however time will be the supreme decider …

This Is completion, Beautiful Friend

The Source: Poe Dameron himself, Oscar Isaac

Probability of Accuracy: Again, this is rather unclear, however most likely extremely precise since of that.

The Real Deal: Someone who &#x 27; s certainly in Episode IX is Oscar Isaac, who has actually been teasing the last chapter by teasing that it &#x 27; s … the last chapter. Throughout a look on NBC &#x 27; s Today , he stated that the upcoming film”is completion of the whole Skywalker Saga– 9 stories,”including,”This is the conclusion of the important things. I believe what J.J. [Abrams] has actually done, and actually the entire Lucasfilm group, is going to be exceptionally “satisfying. It &#x 27; s likewise unique for us due to the fact that you get to find out” a lot more “features of these characters.” On the one hand, there was actually no brand-new info exposed in what he stated, however on the other, it &#x 27; s hard not to hypothesize simply what”this is the conclusion of the important things “suggests. Does he simply indicate the present trilogy, or does the next film in some way handle to supply closure for the whole nine-movie series– and, if so, how?( This might be a great time to advise everybody of the report that Matt Smith was going to play a young variation of Palpatine in the motion picture”. If, you understand, he remained in it.)

Episode IX Sends out in the Clones. Once again

The Source: Online speculation based upon some clothes options

Probability of Accuracy: For now, #x &let 27; s choose”most likely not likely,” however we book the right to alter our minds in the future.

The Real Deal: This one may be a little bit of a stretch, till you remember the levels of Easter eggery present in Star Wars tasks as a whole. Now that Episode IX has actually covered, pictures of the team equipment offered to those who “dealt with the film have actually begun to leakage online, and individuals have theories about the specific style selected.

Yes, that &#x 27; s plainly some type of stormtrooper style(or redesign)being referenced, however in addition to appearing like the &#x 27; cannon fodders from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, there &#x 27; s something else that they appear like … specifically, the Clone Troopers from the prequel trilogy.(It &#x 27; s the”nose”in the make over, you see; they &#x 27; re not noticeable in any other stormtrooper style.)This has actually caused a lot of speculation that fans will see a brand-new Clone Army in the last motion picture in the series, which would seem leaping to conclusions rather remarkably, up until you bear in mind that entire thing about the brand-new motion picture being a conclusion of all 9 movies. Could that imply that we &#x 27; re visiting 'clones once again, truly!.?.!?

You Won &#x 27; t Have'to Wait Very Long to Ride the Millennium Falcon

The Source: Disney Parks

Probability of Accuracy: It &#x 27; s 100 percent precise, and you &#x 27; re not even reading this today since you &#x 27; re most likely currently in line, #x &aren 27; t you?

The Real Deal: Much to the delight of lots of, Disney exposed that Star Wars: Galaxy &#x 27; s Edge is openingearly , with California &#x 27; s Disneyland opening its own galaxy far , far onMay 31, and the Florida park opening its Star Wars-themed destination on August 29. It won &#x 27; t be a complete opening, nevertheless; as Disney declares , the much-vaunted Rise of the Resistance destination will open later on in the year, since the business”decided to open the land in stages to permit visitors to earlier delight in the unique experiences that make Star Wars: Galaxy &#x 27; s Edge so magnificent. “That this is likewise most likely to cause return check outs is, certainly, simply a pleased coincidence. For those who can &#x 27; t wait till late May, more info about Galaxy &#x 27; s Edge will be exposed throughout a devoted panel at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago next month.

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