Amy Schumer talks about the reality of living with severe vomiting during pregnancy

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Amy Schumer has actually had a bumpy ride of it throughout her pregnancy with her very first kid.

The comic has actually a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum , which is a type of extreme throwing up throughout pregnancy that can trigger dehydration and other issues and can lead to hospitalisation. Per the NHS, some females with the condition report throwing up “approximately 50 times a day.”

Schumer talked with Seth Meyers about what it’s like to have the condition.

“It’s been quite hard, I didn’t understand that pregnancies might be such a downer,” she stated.

“I tossed up a lot of times on my method here. Worth it, enjoy you men a lot,” Schumer included. “I’m fortunate, I have excellent health care and I get an IV and endure.”

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