Yemeni Bodegas Launch Boycott Of New York Post Over 9/11 Front Page

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The Yemeni American Merchants Association introduced a boycott of The New York Post Saturday to oppose the paper’ s incendiary front page that conjured up 9/11 to assault Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.).

More than 1,000 delis and bodegas owned by Yemeni-Americans in New York represent an essential part of the Post’ s market. Bodega owners backed by countless Yemeni-Americans and advocates last bent their political muscle 2 years earlier when they closed up store and struck the streets to object President Donald Trump ’ s travel restriction targeting a number of Muslim-majority countries.

This time YAMA is acting to object the Post’ s front page Thursday that included a picture of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center with a separated quote from a current speech by Omar stating that “ some individuals did something ” while going over the after-effects of 2001 terrorist attack on the U.S.

The ramification was that Omar was dismissing the value of 9/11. The focus of her remarks was on the prevalent discrimination that Muslims in America dealt with following the attack.

A YAMA declaration stated the front page “ provoked hatred, ” sustained “ risks, ” and “ objectives to damage Omar, ” who has actually been the target of death dangers given that taking her seat in Congress early this year.

“ This rhetoric threatens the security and wellness of Omar, Muslim leaders, and the bigger Muslim American neighborhood at a time when Islamophobia is at an all-time high, ” the declaration included.

The group stated it was getting in touch with “ all Yemeni American bodega and deli owners ” in addition to “ our neighborhood and allies throughout New York City ” to boycott the Post.

YAMA released a declaration later on Saturday stating that agents would hold a interview outside the Post ’ s midtown Manhattan workplacesabout the action on Sunday.

On Friday, Trump fell in line behind the Post as he tweeted a video juxtaposing Omar’ s words with scary scenes of the horror attack. Trump included the message: “ We will always remember!”

It wasn ’ t instantly clear the length of time the boycott will last. “ It ’ s not the very first time that the New York Post essentially spreads out hate and worry in their papers, ” Ayyad Algabyali, the merchant association ’ s director of advocacy, informed The Guardian. “ This may be for excellent. ”

The Post mightnot right away be grabbed remark.

People stepped up to support the boycott on Twitter and required a customer boycott of the paper.

Here ’ s a bit on the history of YAMA, which was formed after the 2017 bodega strike:



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