Juncker rejects May appeal for further Brexit delay

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European commission president firmly insists 12 April supreme due date for MPs to pass withdrawal offer

Theresa May’s appeal for a brief Brexit extension has actually been declined by Jean-Claude Juncker , who stated that unless the withdrawal offer was passed within 9 days the UK would crash out of the EU or need to register to a long hold-up.

Less than 24 hours after May had actually defined her brand-new technique from Downing Street, the European commission president dismissed her ask for an extension of post 50 to 22 May.

Speaking to the European parliament, Juncker rather set an “supreme due date” of 12 April for the Commons to authorize the withdrawal contract.

“If it has actually refrained from doing so already, no additional brief extension will be possible,” he stated. “After 12 April, we run the risk of jeopardising the European parliament elections, therefore threaten the performance of the European Union .”

Juncker stated that at that point the UK would deal with a no-deal Brexit however that the EU would not “toss out” a member state, in a referral to the specific deal of a prolonged extension of post 50.

The EU27 is taking a look at an extension up until a minimum of completion of the year, with the most likely end date being completion of March 2020.

Juncker stated: “Yet I think that a no offer at midnight on 12 April is now a likely situation. It is not the result I desire. It is a result for which I have actually made sure the European Union is all set.

“We have actually been preparing because December 2017. We have actually constantly understood that the reasoning of post 50 makes a no offer the default result. We have actually long know the balance of power in your home of Commons.”

His remarks represent a torpedoing of May’s strategy to win an extension as much as the eve of European elections at the end of next month. The prime minister was looking for the brief extension in order to discover a method forward with the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and have time for the needed legislation to pass parliament.

Juncker’s relocation does, nevertheless, provide May a bit more time to get the Commons to authorize the withdrawal contract, at the 4th time of asking, if she can discover the votes.

If May has the ability to get the offer through by 12 April, the UK will remain a member state up till 22 May to enable the needed withdrawal legislation to be passed. The EU27 had actually formerly firmly insisted MPs required to authorize the offer by 29 March.

Juncker informed MEPs: “In its choice 10 days earlier, the European council led the way for an extension of the post 50 settlement duration up until the 22 May on the condition the withdrawal contract was authorized by the House of Commons by 29 March. This was not the case.

“In light of prime minister May’s declaration last night, I think we now have a couple of more days. If the United Kingdom remains in a position to authorize the withdrawal arrangement with a sustainable bulk by 12 April, the European Union need to be prepared to accept a hold-up till 22 May.

“But 12 April is the supreme due date for the approval of the withdrawal contract by the House of Commons.”

Juncker contacted all sides in Westminster to jeopardize, providing to reword the political statement to describe anything from “an open market arrangement, to customizeds plans, to a custom-mades union, all the method to the European Economic Area”.

He stated: “The openness we have actually revealed from the start might be set out, in purest clearness.”

Juncker stated the EU27 would begin settlements on the future relationship as quickly as the withdrawal contract was authorized, including: “Before the ink is dry, I would anticipate the very same level of preparedness on the United Kingdom side.”

He stated the EU was gotten ready for the UK crashing out, and had legislation to reduce the worst results on its interests.

“The procedures we have actually taken are unilateral and time-limited. They supply a cushion for essential EU interests a minimum of up until completion of the year. Disturbance will be unavoidable for residents, for companies and for nearly every sector.”

Juncker likewise took goal at Conservative MPs who continue to argue for the Malthouse compromise, in which the UK spends for a shift duration to get ready for a no offer.

“The United Kingdom will be impacted more than the European Union due to the fact that there is no such thing asa ‘worked out or handled no-deal’ and there is no such thing as ano-deal shift’. And whatever takes place, the United Kingdom will still be anticipated to deal with the 3 primary separation problems.”

The UK would require to pay its 39bn divorce expense, measure up to the dedications on EU residents in the UK and discover a service to prevent a tough verge on the island of Ireland, he stated.

“No offer does not indicate no dedications, and these 3 concerns will not disappear. They will be a rigorous condition to reconstruct trust and to begin talking en route forward.”

In an indication of the extremely genuine danger of no offer, Juncker countered at the claims by one MEP that he had actually been the designer of Brexit. The commission president firmly insisted: “It is not Juncker or the commission that required the UK to hold a referendum. It was Mr Cameron.”

Earlier the EU’s monetary affairs commissioner, Pierre Moscovici, alerted that a no-deal Brexit would be a “extreme” and “certainly extremely significant” modification for the UK, EU member states and European organisations.

“I would choose extensive checks and a couple of tailbacks of trucks instead of a health crisis or unlawful trafficking,” he informed reporters.

The EU’s most significant problem is how to make sure the Irish-UK border does not end up being a website of transfer of hazardous or prohibited products, while maintaining the pledge of all sides to prevent checkpoints.

“We would anticipate the UK to measure up to its dedication to preventing a difficult border while safeguarding Ireland’s location in the internal market,” Moscovici stated.

A British federal government source declared France was promoting look at trade in between Ireland and the continent.

“This is a genuine pickle for the EU side, who have actually slipped behind the UK by stopping working to release their no offer border strategies,” the source stated. “French authorities have actually been categorical that in a no-deal circumstance there needs to be checks in between Ireland and the rest of the EU if a tough verge on the island of Ireland is to be prevented.”

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