‘GoT’ Star Daniel Portman Says ‘So Many’ Podrick Fans Have Groped Him

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Daniel Portman, the star who plays the mild and sweet Podrick Payne on HBO ’ s “ Game of Thrones , ” stated lots of female fans have actually searched him in public without his authorization.

“ I ’ ve been gotten by a lot of … like the quantity of like older, older females who are extremely … ” Portman just recently informed Esquire , while making a searching gesture.

Portman, 27, started dealing with “ GoT ” when he was simply 20 years old. His character Podrick perhaps the only individual left who hasn ’ t dedicated several harsh acts of violence was perhaps insignificant and little up until that well-known Season 3 scene where he enjoyments 3 woman of the streets so well they contradict payment.

Since then, the star stated, fans have actually been a lot more aggressive when they find him.

“ What can you do? You understand? Clearly inform them not to do it, ” Portman stated. “ It hasn ’ t occurred for a while. ”

Still, Portman included, fans need to have the ability to different Podrick from Portman: “ I put on ’ t wish to state it features the area, however, you understand, individuals adore it. It ’ s definitely not cool. ”

Head overto Esquire to check out Portman ’ s complete interview.


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