How Daenerys is repeating the mistakes that brought down the Targaryens

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Daenerys dun f * cked up.
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For a couple seasons now, we’ve been waiting on the Mad Queen Daenerys to implode her own possibilities at the throne. Now, lastly, the Season 8 best and promotion for next week’s episode mean simply how it may occur.

Poetically, it’s an act that straight parallels the failure of her dad, the Mad King Aerys. Obviously, Targaryens never ever find out to stop playing with fire.

Daenerys began revealing her most worrying “burn them all” propensities in Season 7. The Loot Train Attack on the Lannister armies was level playing field, since that’s simply war (and it was rad). Her hot-tempered ruthlessness was on screen for all to see in the consequences of the fight, when she didn’t offer a 2nd idea to turning Randyll and Dickon (lol) Tarly into Drogon BBQ for not kneeling.

Did somebody order a serving of roasted Dick(on)?

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Neither Dany nor the audience comprehended the effects of this option at the time, in spite of Tyrion’s finest efforts. Now all the most significant gamers left alive in the Westeros are assembling in Winterfell. And Daenerys’ doubtful Mad Queen ruling design will lastly come under concern, especially thanks to the arrival of Kingslayer Jaime Lannister.

But prior to we hypothesize on his function, it’s worth keeping in mind that we currently saw this execution compromise among Dany’s essential alliances.

Learning what took place to Sam’s household appeared to plant a substantial seed of doubt in Jon about whether his brand-new love and queen really should have the crown. That will include much more possibly catastophic stress to an approaching bombshell, when Daenerys is informed her enthusiast kid in fact has a more powerful claim to the throne than she does.

Even more significantly, a Targaryen currently lost a crown for the specific very same error — the unneeded, intense public execution of 2 reputable male members of an honorable home. Just last time it was Rickard and Brandon Stark, Ned’s daddy and bro. And it was the last straw that resulted in Robert’s Rebellion, which ultimately ended the Targaryen dynasty’s centuries-long reign.

The execution of the Stark guys has actually been pointed out a number of times on the program prior to. As Captain of the King’s Guard, Jaime had actually existed, and painted the bleak photo of what took place to Ned in Season 1.

Sam’s face is generally how the entire world feels about Dany and her dragons

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After Rhaegar “abducted” Lyanna Stark, the Stark guys rode south to King’s Landing to require responses. Lyanna was currently bethrothed to Robert Baratheon, so her supposed rape and kidnapping contributed to the growing list of the Targaryens overreaches in power versus other worthy homes.

But rather of responding to for Rhaegar’s criminal activity, the Mad King detained the Stark males for treason, setting them both on fire right there in the throne space. Hundreds saw and stood as the Mad King chuckled while the beneficiary and the lord to Winterfell shrieked in pain.

The rest, as we understand, is history.

It was that act of ruthless insanity that lastly pressed the world over the edge, making the other homes more ready to turn versus the Targaryens in assistance of Robert. When Joffrey did it to Ned years later on, needlessly performing a lord of Winterfell was dumb enough. Doing it to both a lord and his successor makes sure to provide you a track record as a mad canine threatening the whole system.

As for Jaime’s arrival, well, he’s one of the last individuals alive from that period who can talk to the striking resemblances in between Daenerys and her dad.

Dany requires to determine her daddy problems

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The discount for episode 2 makes it look like Jaime is the one in the spot. “When I was a kid, my bro would inform me a bedtime story about the guy who killed our dad,” Daenerys states to him. “Of all the important things we would do to that guy.”

But Viserys was a twisted asshole with a really deformed view on the war — one shared by practically nobody else in Westeros. If Daenerys begins attempting to serve Viserys’ concept of justice, it will not win her any prefers with individuals questioning her capability to be a great queen.

And Jaime might extremely turn this line of questioning versus her, by lastly exposing the reality of what lead him to end up being a Kingslayer.

As he informed Brienne independently in Season 2, that allegedly unethical act of treason was in fact done to conserve numerous countless innocent lives. Daenerys’ dad had actually advised Jaime to “burn them all,” by setting the caches of wildfire all around King’s Landing ablaze and eliminating every guy, kid, and lady. Jaime understood the only method to avoid this was to break his oath and eliminate the king he had actually testified secure.

It wasn’t Jaime’s only generous act versus a Targaryen for the good of the world. After he saw the damage Daenerys’ dragons might bring throughout the Loot Train Attack, Jaime really stupidly charged after her and Drogon. When again ready to compromise his honor and life to make sure the Mad King’s child could not satisfy the damage Jaime had actually avoided, he was.

Some even think that, if Daenerys goes complete on Mad Queen, Jaime will include Queenslayer to his list of titles (take a look at how Bran’s Season 6 visions may’ve foreshadowed that here ).

If the world lastly finds out the fact behind the Kingslaying, it will leave Daenerys with an option: either condemn her dad’s insanity, or fall even more into it herself. In either case, raising her bothersome household history makes sure to leave her in an even harder area at Winterfell.

Daenerys has actually exposed once again and once again that she produces a fantastic conquerer. She’s consistently stopped working to find out lessons from the past that would make her an excellent queen.

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