PDF Association dunks on Mueller report PDF

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After the public release of unique counsel Robert Mueller’s report on his examination into Russian disturbance in the 2016 election, Democrats disagreed with the blacked-out redactions, which often obstructed whole pages of text.

But maybe no criticism of the 400-page report was as scathing as that of the leading authority on file preparation: the PDF Association.

The company states itself an “global cooperation of member companies and people actively gaining from and supporting each other in the advancement and usage of PDF innovation.” And in a report of its own examining the “cultural and technical” elements of the Mueller report PDF, the association slammed the Department of Justice for how it dealt with the valuable file.

The issue, the PDF Association described, is that the Department of Justice has all the tools to assemble an efficient, easy-to-read PDF. And yet, it didn’t.

Firstly, the PDF Association asserts, the report was not produced in adherence to area 508 of the Rehabilitation Act , which lays out availability requirements for innovation produced or kept by the federal government.

“In addition to not being searchable, the file includes no text, is not tagged, and is for that reason not available to handicapped users,” the PDF Association’s report states.

Furthermore, in its comprehensive analysis of how the report was provided and assembled, the PDF Association concluded that the Department of Justice “printed and after that scanned the file after it was redacted.”

According to the PDF Association, “This unneeded and purposeful act made the file considerably harder for anybody and everybody to utilize, permanently.”

Even the designer of the very first PDF redaction tool himself, Mark Gavin of Appligent Document Solutions, discovered the report’s preparation tough to understand.

“The file can not read by a screen reader for individuals with visual impairments and it can not be evaluated utilizing any text analysis tools,” Gavin stated. “The Mueller report as a redacted PDF file is truly type of unfortunate.”

Read the PDF Association’s complete report here .

Read more: https://www.dailydot.com/layer8/mueller-report-pdf-association/

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