What you missed in the first Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer

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After more than a year, we lastly have first-look video from the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer– and it’s wonderful.

The trailer, which debuted at Star Wars Event throughout the Episode IX panel in addition to the movie’s title , stunned the space in Chicago and all the audiences seeing worldwide. Despite whether you’ve currently seen it, take a number of minutes to kick back and delight in.

As is the nature of teaser trailers, we do not come out of viewing the Rise of Skywalker teaser trailer understanding far more than we did in advance. That will not stop us from attempting to piece together some form of a story to end the Skywalker legend.

Rey vs. Kylo Ren (with some words from a sensible master)

It’s much prematurely to understand if the opening shot of the trailer is the very first time that Rey and Kylo Ren– who Snoke gotten in touch with the Force in The Last Jedi— have actually come across one another. She’s more than all set for that battle.

For one, she has a lightsaber with her, which illuminate to reveal a blue blade, although it’s not yet clear if the kyber crystal within it is hers or Luke’s. (“The lightsaber that Rey acquired from Luke lives,” Daisy Ridley cryptically kept in mind at the Episode IX panel.)

Star Wars/YouTube

We do not see Kylo Ren’s face (or hear anything, for that matter), however there suffice indications that it’s him. For one, we capture a close-up of his gloves, and the TIE silencer chasing after Rey is rather familiar.

Star Wars/YouTube

“A thousand generations reside in you now, however this is your battle,” Luke informs Rey over a voiceover. And when Kylo Ren follows her, she’s not just alone– with none of the Resistance within vision, she has a strategy. Her efforts to manage her breathing appear to suggest as much.

Star Wars/YouTube

An old (and brand-new) Kylo Ren

Our other primary take a look at Kylo Ren, the brand-new Supreme Leader who we last saw suffer a humiliating defeat versus Luke Skywalker and the Resistance, reveals him getting his hands filthy. Although he’s still in charge of the First Order (as far as we understand), he’s not scared to take out his lightsaber and toss himself into the battle. It likewise looks as though the movie is bringing his notorious helmet back (possibly to accept Rey’s evaluation that he’s an animal in a mask?). We do not believe Kylo himself is dealing with the mask– the hand is a little too hairy for it to be him– however we’re curious regarding why it’s being revived now.

Star Wars/YouTube

The Resistance marches onward– with one familiar face

Director J.J. Abrams explained the story of The Rise of Skywalker as “an experience that the group goes on together,” and from the trailer, that much appears. We see Poe and Finn at the leading edge of the Resistance on a desert world as they’re chased after on a speeder and with Rey, Chewbacca, BB-8, and C-3PO as they approach some really renowned wreckage. (More on that in a bit.) One ship takes a trip towards an undersea city.

Star Wars/YouTube

We do not get to satisfy any of the brand-new characters yet apart from a brand-new android, however we do get reestablished to an old buddy and rascal, who is back where he belongs: in the pilot’s seat of the Millennium Falcon. We do not understand how or why Lando is back on his old ship, however we’ve sure missed you.

The psychological gut punch of Leia Organa’s return

Abrams has actually stayed mum on the function that Leia Organa will play, however he did state that he consisted of unused video footage of Carrie Fisher from when he recorded The Force Awakens. We got a look of that in the trailer through a minute in between Leia and Rey, and even without context, it’s sufficient to understand what it will most likely trash all of us.

Star Wars/YouTube

The Rise of Skywalker s ties to the previous

The Rise of Skywalker s very first teaser trailer advises us that it’s completion of a period for Star Wars, so it’s just fitting that it takes us to where everything started: the Death Star.

Located on an unidentified world, crashing waves separate the Resistance from the wreckage of the ship. It’s most likely that the wreckage includes something (and might lead them to take a trip undersea), however what could it be? Advantage they have somebody who understands a thing or more about scavenging to assist.

“We’ll constantly be with you,” Luke states at the end of the trailer. “No one’s ever truly gone.”

Immediately following, we hear the ominous laugh of Sheev Palpatine– the Emperor and Darth Sidious himself– to leave us with an anxious sensation at the end of the trailer. We do not understand what form the Emperor will take in The Rise of Skywalker (the Sith can not end up being Force ghosts however have a method of protecting themselves ) or if he’ll just be a shadow over the occasions of the movie. Thinking about the end of the Republic and whatever that followed begun with him, it’s fitting that he’ll be there in some method at the end of it all.

So what might The Rise of Skywalker imply?

The title’s expose got to completion of the teaser trailer, and like The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, it’s open to analysis. At the surface area level, the title might describe Luke, Leia, or Kylo Ren/Ben Solo (who is a Skywalker by blood). And if you still keep the theory that Rey is a Skywalker, you might loop her therein, too. Luke’s message to Rey, “A thousand generations live in you now,” might connect into something larger.

Luke attempted to restore the Jedi Order after The Return of the Jedi and stopped working. When made is by developing how we look at the Force, what Rey– now the last Jedi– might do to prevent the errors Luke. For one, she might eliminate the Jedi and Sith labels and frame it in a different way, possibly by calling Force users something that welcomes the depths of the legend. Like Skywalkers.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker gets here in theaters Dec. 20.

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