High school principal dies after making a bone marrow donation to save a stranger

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(CNN)A high school principal has actually passed away after going to the healthcare facility to contribute bone marrow to attempt to conserve the life of a 14-year-old in France.

The school’s paper reported in February that Nelson chose to contribute his bone marrow to a young boy in France after being called by Be the Match . The nationwide bone marrow donor program informed him that his blood may be a match.
“If it’s simply a bit of discomfort for a bit of time that can offer somebody years of delight, it’s all worth it,” Nelson informed the paper then.

    “We hold him and his household in our hearts as we grieve this loss together and I understand you join me in approving his household the personal privacy they have actually asked for.”

    Nelson, 44, served in the United States Army Reserve for more than 20 years, according to Dolan. He signed up with Westfield Public Schools in 2010 as the assistant principal of Roosevelt Intermediate School.
    He later on was assistant principal and principal of Westfield High, which has more than 1,800 trainees.
    People applauded Nelson as a dedicated teacher and a good example with a strong ethical compass.
    His good friend Salim Sivaad, likewise called Wayne Clemmons, an Atlanta-based artist, informed CNN he got news of Nelson’s death from a shared good friend.
    “Derrick was my sibling’s college roomie and fraternity sibling, which’s how I fulfilled him back in 1995,” he stated. “I had actually not touched with him just recently. That’s why it was such a shock. … I didn’t understand he was contributing or had the issues prior to he passed.”

    Jackson O’Brien, senior class president at Westfield High, informed CNN affiliate WABC , “He constantly attempted to influence trainees in the class and outdoors to be excellent individuals. And I believe he functioned as a terrific good example.”
    Westfield Mayor Shelley Brindle stated on Facebook that her household was “ravaged” to hear the news.

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