Maisie Williams (And Her Boyfriend) ‘Thought Everybody Would Hate’ That Game Of Thrones Twist! – Perez Hilton

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[Significant Spoilers Ahead!]

In among the most gaspworthy, high stress minutes in tv history the most significant bad guy on Game Of Thrones was lastly removed in Sunday night’s “The Long Night.”

But the Battle of Winterfell didn’t end the method the majority of people anticipated.

The worthy hero Jon Snow was determined by the (blue fire? ice flame?) breath of the wight dragon Viserion and could not get to the Night King to conserve his sibling Bran Stark.

In truth, nobody could.

And obviously, by nobody, we indicate Arya Stark, the lost little lady who’s invested the last 7 seasons ending up being the most badass assassin in the Seven Kingdoms.

She runs in, past the lots of wights and White Walkers and ninjas the Night King:


She even utilizes that cool little knife flip relocation she found out while training with Brienne.


And easily, Arya Stark beats the Army of the Dead with one blow.

After the episode aired, showrunner David Benioff exposed they’ve been establishing Arya’s success for a number of seasons:

“For, god, I believe it’ s most likely 3 years now, we ’ ve understood that it was going to be Arya who provides that deadly blow. We wished to sort of prevent the anticipated. Jon Snow has actually constantly been the hero, the one who’ s been the rescuer, however it simply didn’ t appear right to us, for this minute.”

Nah, that entire episode wasn’t a dream impressive, it was a scary film. And for a scary baddie, you require a last lady.

That’s why they provided Arya all the tools she required including her clairvoyant sibling offering her the Valyrian steel dagger she required, right there in the area she would do the deed.


Innerestingly, a single person who wasn’t sure about the ending was Maisie Williams !

The Arya portrayer informed Entertainment Weekly:

“It was so incredibly amazing. I right away believed that everyone would dislike it; that Arya doesn’ t deserve it. The hardest thing remains in any series is when you develop a bad guy that’ s so difficult to beat and after that you beat them. It needs to be wisely done due to the fact that otherwise individuals resemble, Well, [the bad guy] couldn’ t have actually been that bad when some 100-pound lady can be found in and stabs him.’ You got ta make it cool.”

Um, when that 100 pound lady is Arya freakin’ Stark, the Ghost of Harrenhal, No One, The Avenger of the Red Wedding, most likely Iron Man’s terrific granny?

Yeah, absolutely nothing cooler than that, lady.

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Unfortunately her guy didn’t offer her that type of helpful talk. She continued:

“And then I informed my partner and he resembled, Mmm, should be Jon though truly, shouldn’ t it?'”

What the severe eff, man??

Luckily the episode itself had the tip Maisie required to get on board Melisandre satisfying her once again, simply as she prophesied, back when she likewise informed her she ‘d shut “blue eyes” permanently.


Maisie described:

“When we did the entire bit with Melisandre, I understood the entire scene with [the Red Woman] brings it back to whatever I’ ve been working for over these previous 6 seasons 4 if you think of it because [Arya] got to your house of Black and White. All of it boils down to this one really minute. It’ s likewise unforeseen which’ s what this program does. Then I was like, ‘ F ** k you Jon, I get it.'”


For what it’s worth, Kit Harington was simply as surprised as the audience, stating:

“I was amazed, I believed it was gon na be me!”

However, unlike her BF, huge brother Kit was cool with the twist:

“I like it. It offers Arya’ s training a function to have an objective. It’ s better how she does it the method she does it. I believe it will irritate some in the audience that Jon’ s searching the Night King and you’ re anticipating this impressive battle and it never ever takes place that’ s sort of Thrones. It’ s the best thing for the characters. There’ s likewise something about it not being the individual you anticipate. The girl sticks it to the guy.”

He likewise keeps in mind the minute got “a substantial f ** king cheer” in the table read.

So a minimum of Arya’s TELEVISION fam are helpful! If her male isn’t, even! LOLz!

What did YOU consider the stunning ending??

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