Taylor Swift Adopts Adorable Kitten From ‘ME!’ Music Video Set

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Taylor Swift ’ s long-anticipated surprise today ended up being a brand-new tune and video called “ ME! ” however the pop star had another extra (and cute) statement.

“ And then there were 3 … ” Swift composed on Instagram and Twitter on Friday , accompanying a picture of herself with a fluffy, blue-eyed kitty.

A 2nd social networks post exposed that the feline ’ s name is Benjamin Button, and he ’ s a “ excellent young boy. ”

Swift informed People that she embraced Benjamin Button off of the set of the “ ME! ” video, in which the kitty makes a cameo. He belonged to a program that puts felines “ in commercials and things ” in an effort to discover the houses, she informed the outlet.

Button ’ s handler “ handed me this small feline, and he simply begins purring and … he takes a look at me like, ‘ You ’ re my mama, and we ’ re going to cohabit, ’ ” Swift stated. “ I fell in love. ”

The kittycat appears to feel best at house with Swift. A video reveals the vocalist bring him around in her arms like an infant. “ This is how he chooses to take a trip, ” she states in the clip.

The brand-new addition makes 3 felines for the feline-loving Swift. Her other 2, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey , likewise have vital functions in the “ ME! ” video.


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