7 Fake Healthy Foods That Aren’t Doing Your Body Any Favors Betches

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Dr. Mona Vand is a Certified Pharmacist, author ( Food For Skin ), and business owner who likes to share her ideas for leading a healthy way of life. She informs her audience through YouTube videos , a blog site , and Instagram on taking full advantage of health by looking after both their mind and bodies through dietary food dishes, tidy charm, and physical fitness ideas concentrating on natural services. Based in LA, Dr. Mona has actually been included on NBC, The Telegraph, The Doctors and more.

One of the most aggravating features of the food market is that it techniques individuals into believing that they’ re consuming something healthy, natural, or tidy when truly, they ’ re not. After 6 years of drug store school, 8 years of working as a pharmacist, and 10 years of individual experience in health, health, and physical fitness, I have actually looked into and discovered how to watch out for phony healthy foods. I’m not here to inform you what to do– I hope that by sharing this info, you’ ll be more conscious of what you’ re consuming, and then you can make your own option about whether you wish to consume it!

1. Peanut Butter Powder (PB2)

For those of you who aren’ t acquainted with PB2, it ’ s generally a powdered peanut butter made by drawing out natural oils out of the peanut and dehydrating what’ s left, yielding a powder in which 90% of the fat is gotten rid of from the peanut. The dietary profile of PB2 is, initially look, incredible. For 2 TBSP, it’ s got 45 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, 5 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, 1 gram of sugar, and 5 grams of protein. From a basic ignore of the item,it ’ s not truly healthy. Of all, it’ s not natural, which is a concern here due to the fact that peanuts are one of the most greatly sprayed crops. Essentially, the quantity of harmful pesticides that might be in the powder might trigger contaminants to develop in your body. Let’ s simply talk about peanut butter in basic. Did you understand that many items that consist of peanuts as an active ingredient do not divulge the reality that there is mold present in the peanuts they utilize? In basic, peanuts are extremely vulnerable to mold! Jungle peanuts are among the only peanuts I understand of that put on’ t produce toxic substances, however in other peanuts ( consisting of the ones utilized in PB2 ), there is mold that develops a carcinogen called aflatoxin. In the United States, the FDA permits a specific quantity of aflatoxin in our food system, however despite the fact that it’ s authorized in little dosages, the reality that this powder might include something that is a recognized carcinogen suffices to mark it as phony healthy.

Healthy alternative: raw almond or walnut butter! You’ re still getting healthy fats, protein, and energy. Simply without the contaminants and mold.

2. “ Light ” Whole Wheat Bread

It can seem like it’ s practically difficult to purchase a loaf of bread at the shop that’s in fact healthy. I’ ve fluctuated the bread area, and I constantly see sugarcoated, synthetic colors, GMOs, dough conditioners (like azodicarbonamide, which is actually utilized as a cleansing chemical), and more. Do not purchase a loaf of bread like Pepperidge Farm’ s Light Style Whole Wheat bread and go house believing it’ s healthy, simplysince it ’ s 45 calories and just 9 carbohydrates per piece. It is FILLED with unhealthy components and is 100% phony healthy! Rather, choose something like Ezekiel Bread . I guarantee you, the quality of this bread– despite the fact that it’ s greater in carbohydrates and calories– will assist you keep weight off much better than the processed things! Whenever you select tidy active ingredients, your body will respond much better and assist you remain leaner (no chemicals, no ingredients, no bullsh * t).

3. Vegetable Chips

Veggie chips are among the most significant marketing techniques, and it really type of eliminates me when I see individuals consuming these and believing that they’ re making a “ clever ” option. I wear ’ t mean to sound significant or buying from, however it annoys me when I see individuals who are making an effort to consume healthy getting deceived by phony healthy foods. To break it down for you, a veggie chip is normally not much various than a routine potato chip. There are 2 methods brand names can navigate this: they can take a routine chip (a fried, oily, oily chip), and after that include simply a smidge of beet powder, and voil– it’ s a veggie chip. The other method to navigate this is by utilizing sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are, by meaning, a veggie. Are white potatoes! They’ re simply starchy veggies. Next time you’ re snacking on veggie chips, checked out the active ingredients on the back. The majority of the time you’ re still consuming potatoes processed and fried in oils, so you’ re still getting simply as much fat and salt as you would in a routine chip.

The much better option: Instead, I suggest discovering real veggie chips. These are frequently in the much healthier aisle of the supermarket (often in the “ raw ” aisle). Take a look at the active ingredients and ensure that they’ re in fact veggies (green beans, beets, carrots, yams, etc).

4. Oatmeal


Don’ t get me incorrect– oatmeal can be excellent for you. It ’ s heart-healthy– oats are a terrific source of both healthy carbohydrates and fiber, they’ re abundant in anti-oxidants understood to lower high blood pressure, and they’ re filled with other useful micronutrients. The challenging thing is understanding which type of oatmeal does all of the above, and which is the kind that’ s simply phony healthy. The packaged oatmeal that comes pre-flavored is the perpetrator here, which is discouraging since when you go to a supermarket and take a look at the choice of oatmeal, the brand name product packaging and labeling makes it so tough to draw up which ones are tidy and which aren’t. What you require to keep an eye out for are the active ingredients on the back of package (this is constantly what you must keep an eye out for on any food). Even if the box states “ natural ” or looks extremely tidy, look for things like walking cane sugar, maple sugar, or natural tastes. The issue with these ingredients is you put on’ t understand where they are sourced from. Something like “ natural cinnamon taste ” is most likely not simply cinnamon. There is a really simple option to this– simply purchase PLAIN, unsweetened oatmeal. It can be a huge sized plan or the private ones (the specific ones do be available in convenient for breakfast at work, and so on). You can feel complimentary to include healthy, natural sweeteners or spices yourself! That method, you’ re in control of the quantity and quality of active ingredients you’ re consuming. This makes a substantial distinction! Utilizing a little natural maple syrup or coconut nectar in your oatmeal is much, much, far better than consuming packaged oatmeal with walking cane sugar and “ nature maple taste. ” I personally like to get plain oats, then include cinnamon, nutmeg, stevia, and a little raw cacao. Leading with almond milk. It’ s SO GOOD.

5. A Lot Of Packaged Juices/Smoothies

One of the simplest errors to make is believing that you’ re having a healthy, nutrient-filled juice or shake when actually you’ re generally consuming processed, sweet juice. Nearly each and every single store-bought healthy smoothie (even the freshly made ones) are filled with sugarcoated.

The one that REALLY gets me is the Naked Juice “ Green Machine. ” When you read this, you presume you ’ re consuming a green smoothie/green juice. If you look at the components, there is a LOT of fruit juice and “ natural tastes. ” Here are the active ingredients: apple juice, mango puree, pineapple juice, banana puree, kiwi puree, spirulina, natural tastes, alfalfa, broccoli, spinach, barley lawn, wheatgrass, ginger root, parsley, kale, odor free garlic. Initially glimpse, these components might appear safe, however there’ s actually 53g of sugar in this “ green device. ” The American Heart Association advises no more than 25 grams of sugarcoated a day for females and 38 grams for guys. In this “ healthy ” green juice, you ’ ve gotten double your day-to-day quantity. Yikes. As a healthy option, have a piece of fruit and/or a natural, cold-pressed green juice.

While we’ re at it, let me discuss another. A while ago I was consuming a juice from BluePrint. I particularly looked for this precise juice since it’ s natural, and there are just greens in the juice (I choose all greens in my juice, and fruit + greens in my shakes). I purchased like 4 of them to hold me over for a couple of days, and when I got house, I looked on the back and saw the active ingredients: natural cucumber juice, water, natural kale juice, natural celery juice, natural lemon juice, natural spinach juice, natural watercress juice, natural peppermint taste. 74% juice. Here’ s the important things– if you ’ re going to consume a green juice, consume a real pure, natural, natural green juice. Don ’ t beverage one that ’ s thinned down which has taste included! The entire point of drinking green juice is to get the remarkable health take advantage of greens. Either go all in, or put on’ t trouble. Even brand names that are cold-pressed and natural discover methods to deceive you so they can make more loan. They thin down their juice and after that include peppermint taste so you won’ t taste the distinction. I personally believe the peppermint taste is self-important. I’d choose fresh mint leaves, please.

Healthy choice: a side from mixing the beverage yourself, go to a juice store or shake store where they make it in front of you. — discover to look beyond (far beyond) the label, typeface, and declares on the front of a juice. Simply take a look at the components on the back, and pick one that has absolutely nothing however the natural fruits and greens you desire.

6. “ Healthy ” Nut Butters

If you follow me on Instagram or YouTube, you understand I like nut butters. Nut butters end up being phony healthy when brand names include a lot of unneeded active ingredients that will trigger bloating and undesirable weight gain. Let’ s take the brand name Earth Balance . The label on the front states “ natural peanut butter and flaxseed. ” That sounds remarkable. Then you turn it over, and all of an unexpected you see components like “ peanut oil, agave syrup, palm fruit oil, and salt. ” I suggest, peanuts are currently filled with natural oils, so why do they feel the requirement to include peanut oil and palm fruit oil? Constantly try to find nut butters that have no additional sugar– there is actually no requirement to include agave to peanut butter. (Agave likewise has more fructose than high fructose corn syrup, and heads directly to the liver. It’ s simply as bad as walking cane sugar. More on that in the following area.)

Better alternative: raw, unroasted, saltless nut butters. I advise raw, since when you roast almonds, walnuts, or any nut, they lose a few of their nutrients. Raw is simpler to absorb and much better for you. I personally enjoy Artisana and MaraNatha. Still, examine the label, as these brand names frequently alter variations (some MaraNatha items are not raw, while others are).

7. Agave

In the previous couple years, there have actually been a lot of brand-new sugar options. We have actually coconut sugar, stevia, monk fruit, agave, and a lot more. The one I desire to single out is agave. Sugar, in basic, ought to be prevented (and I believe the majority of us understand that), however I have an issue with agave business that attempt to brand name their item as a “ healthy ” and “ natural ” sugar option, when the heating procedure of turning an agave plant into a syrup in fact damages any dietary advantages, and we’ re entrusted a glorified sugar syrup that has more fructose than high fructose corn syrup. When an item, like agave, is high in fructose, that indicates it’ s high in a sugar that our body is unable to appropriately process. Since we can’ t procedure it, it winds up being metabolized to fat (which is why it can trigger weight gain, hypertension, and can even add to Type-II Diabetes). Agave business have actually identified and branded themselves so well that many people would choose agave up at the shop and believe they’ re making a healthy option, however this is simply another phony healthy food that everybody need to understand! Agave is no much better than routine old sugar. If you desire a cleaner choice, usage coconut nectar or stevia drops– a little goes a long method with them, and they will not increase your blood glucose levels or be saved as fat.

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