Kim Kardashian Reportedly Makes HOW MUCH Per Instagram Post?! Unreal! – Perez Hilton

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Instagram influencers appear to be all the rage today, with popular designs and other public figures apparently getting 5 figures and after that some simply to publish photos of themselves utilizing particular items.

And while the whole influencer market appears to grow, and crazier, and more high stakes every year, none of it can EVER compare to the queen of ’em all: Kim Kardashian West .

That’s best the KUWTK star apparently draws in $1 MILLION per POST on Instagram, according to market sources who understand the marketplace and talked to TMZ about it this weekend.

Think about that. For each weight reduction item or tablet Kim hawks, on IG, she apparently gets a cool 7 figures every time she strikes release’ with a brand-new picture! What a life

A Lawsuit Reveals It!

Why are we even speaking about this, anyways ?! Well, Kim remains in the middle of a suit versus Missguided USA , a clothes business and style brand name that she states utilized her image without paying her to offer their clothing.

The business obviously didn’t react to her claims in court, so she’s embracing a default judgment versus them that might net her as much as $5 million. As part of that judgment, she’s been submitting legal docs to show simply how prominent she is, and just how much loan she makes, to show her similarity is important and should not have actually been utilized without her permission.

Well, in those docs, Kim validates the possible $5 million judgment by discussing her capability to make the BIG bucks at first, she declared she gets in between $300,000 and $500,000 per post, though it appears her legal group will modify and re-file docs with the modification approximately $1 million per sponsored post!

So. Much. Money.

Even crazier, Kim declares in the docs that she likewise extremely regularly rejects provides for that type of payday, just due to the fact that they originate from brand names with which she ‘d rather not associate. Ah, to have a lot of options in how you wan na make your million dollars! Unbelievable!!

For now, the claim versus the clothes business will drag out and Kim will continue acquiring the huge dollars with her sponsored posts, without any end in sight there. Other superstars, be envious this is the gold requirement!

It’s nearly like JAY-Z used to state she’s not a service(wo)guy, she’s a company, (wo)guy! Ha !!!

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