Dad of Colorado Shooting Hero Makes Tearful Confession About Sons Final Act: “I Wish He Had Gone and Hid”

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People throughout the nation have screamed their applauds for 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo today, the brave young kid who compromised his life in Tuesday’ s shooting at STEM School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

The senior who was simply 3 days shy of finishing high school, apparently lunged at the shooter who entered his 9th-period class, conserving the lives of his surrounding schoolmates.

STEM trainee Nui Giasolli remembered the dreadful occasions of the other day’ s shooting in an interview with TODAY , detailing Kendrick’ s last act of guts:

“ The shooter can be found in late. He strolled to the opposite of the class where we likewise had another door, and he unlocked. If he was gon na go back to his seat, he strolled back as. He strolled back to the door and he closed it. The next thing I understand he’ s pulling a weapon and he’ s informing no one to move, which’ s when Kendrick lunged at him and he shot Kendrick, providing everyone adequate time to get beneath our desks to get ourselves safe and to encounter the space to leave.&rdquo


Thanks to his efforts to ward off the shooter’ s attack, Kendrick was the sole death in the shooting.


Kendrick’ s dad, John Castillo, spoke with the media Wednesday early morning about his child’ s life-saving sacrifice and unequaled character.

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“ He was the very best kid on the planet, ” stated Castillo through a stream of tears.

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