Adults get active shooter lessons from a surprising, but unfortunately well-qualified teacher.

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“ If there was an active shooter, you ’d all be dead, ” Kayleigh, a primary school-aged woman presented as an “ professional ” candidly informs a group of adult employees put together in their workplace mail space for a group structure occasion.

“ When you talk aloud, the shooter can inform where you are and where you’ re hiding, ” she continues. “ Sometimes we play the video game ‘ who can remain quietest the longest ’ so all of us keep in mind. ”

The grownups look unpleasant and about as disrupted and surprised as can be anticipated that an innocent-looking kid is advising them on how to attempt and safeguard themselves by pressing tables and chairs versus doors, positioning paper over windows, and bending on toilet seats in the restroom. We see what was most likely flashing in their minds as Kayleigh spoke — young kids bring out these actions in a class.


“ Try to listen for things that might assist the cops. ; if you hear a lot of bangs like, ‘ BANG BANG BANG ’ the shooter may be down the hall. Or if you hear louder ones like, ‘ BANG … BANG … BANG … ’ he might be best outdoors your door, ” she continues.

“ And you can ’ t cry, ” she includes. “ It hands out your position and your hiding area.”


The PSA concludes with a spooky tune that Kayleigh describes was taught to her by her instructor to makes certain she and her peers wouldn’ t forget what to do if there was an active shooter in their school.

“ Lockdown lockdown let’ s all conceal. Lock the doors and remain within. Crouch on down. Don’ t make a noise. And put on’ t cry or you ’ ll be discovered, ” she sings.


While this video might appear a little remarkable, it’ s not. According to March For Our Lives, which promotes for weapon control, 95% of public school kids in the United States practice lockdown drills like Kayleigh explains in the video.

Gun control is not a brand-new public law concern, however it’ s been getting momentum recently due to the fact that of the variety of current mass shootings. Unsurprisingly, it’ s end up being a hot subject amongst prospects for the 2020 governmental election.

Last week President Trump dealt with the supposedly flailing NRA and likewise “ anonymous ” the United States from a United Nations arms treaty which assisted keep guns out of the hands of human rights abusers.

On the other end of the spectrum, Democrat governmental prospects California Sen. Kamala Harris and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker have actually made weapon reform a considerable part of their political programs.

” I am tired of seeing street-level shrines to kids who have actually been killed — candle lights and teddy bears,” Booker just recently stated, calling weapon control a public health concern. “I’m sick of going to funeral service after funeral service when the most perverse, abnormal things occur where moms and dads bury kids.”

Obviously March for Our Lives stands with the latter prospects. Their PSA advises audiences to sign a weapon reform petition promoting for laws that will avoid weapons from falling under unsafe hands.

“ Let the Senate understand you desire S. 42, the Background Check Expansion Act, passed so we can close weapon sale loopholes and ditch mass shooting class, ” they composed on their site . “ The defend universal background checks is the most essential defend weapon violence avoidance yet, and 97% of Americans support it.”

No matter how you feel about the 2nd modification, can’ t we all concur that extensive background checks are definitely needed, and that getting access to a possibly fatal weapon should be thought about an opportunity and not a?

While not each of these catastrophes — Sandy Hook, Columbine, Parkland, the California synagogue, simply to call a handful. — might have been avoided with tighter weapon control laws, it’ s really possible that numerous would have been. Simply think of the number of lives might have been conserved if simply among the shooters behind these massacres hadn’ t had the ability to get a weapon.

To let the Senate understand you desire S. 42, the Background Check Expansion Act, passed, sign the petition by clicking here .

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