Denver airport’s $14.5M taxpayer-funded sign busted after less than 2 years in use: reports

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Cars line up outdoors Denver International Airport on Feb. 26, 2019. (Getty Images)

Denver International Airport developed a wall of sorts– a 1,000-foot-long collection of illuminated poles disrupted by big tv screens for showing advertisements– however now the wall does not work.

The$ 14.5 million government-funded Panasonic indication has actually broken down after just 16 months in operation, leaving numerous questioning if the indication will ever generate adequate advertisement dollars to recover the big financial investment, according to a report.


The structure had actually been slowly degrading given that being triggered in 2017. The airport chose to turn off the “ sticks ” on April 5 till Panasonic can fix the issues, the Denver Post reported. The indication will still show ads on its big tv screens in the meantime.

Panasonic got$11.5 from Denver International to construct the indication and another$ 3 million to preserve it over 12 years, the Post reported. The airport earned just$21,000 on its financial investment in 2018, triggering city authorities to action in to increase advertisement sales, Denver’s FOX 31 reported.

The Denver City Council employed an outdoors marketing company, Outfront Media LLC, in February, to attempt to encourage business to position their advertisements on the multimillion-dollar indication. Based on the agreement, the airport will get a minimum of$ 12,500 in regular monthly profits up until the indication starts to create more income.


The airport will get 67 percent of gross advertisement sales, the rest going to the company, Denver International informed FOX 31. The airport anticipates to create earnings at a greater speed in the coming months, anticipating$1.2 worth of advertisement sales by the end of the agreement ’ s very first year.

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