Old, Unwanted Dog Was About To Be Gassed In Shelter, But When Someone Offered To Save It, Owner Demanded $450

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The most typical factor that dogs are left at shelters is that the household no longer desires them any longer for some factor, with around 3.3 million canines going into U.S. animal shelters across the country every year. While there are do-gooders watching out for these puppies and selflessly ready to take them in, like Reddit user u/DreamsAndChains — she learnt the difficult method that individuals handing out these animals in requirement put on’ t constantly have the very best objectives.

In an honest post on the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars, she shared text in between her and a “ desperate ” pet dog owner looking for a house for her pet dog so that it didn ’ t wind up in a shelter. Things took a manipulative twist in this user and the end discovered out this specific picky beggar was after more than simply somebody to save her dog.

Image credits: Robyn Jay (not the real picture)

The screenshots start with the user reacting back to a message from the canine owner using to take in the puppy so that she is not sent out to a shelter. According to the post the lady she calls an “ associate ” had actually left a tearful message, asking her to take in the animal who the poster discovered was both “ sickly ” and inexperienced.

“ Acquaintance left message tearfully * asking * me to take in her sickly inexperienced pet dog that she’ s ready to drop off at the shelter. When I unwillingly consent to assist take the canine in, she then requires $450 from me”

The canine, Luna, is a 7-year-old pitbull pooch and was being released since her owner was moving and couldn ’ t bring her along. Not just did the lady desire the OP to get the canine(she didn ’ t have an automobile )however there was some more small printto this contract.

Luna ’ s owner required that the do-gooder offering to take her in pay an “ adoption charge ” of$ 350 and included a “ courtesy deal ” of providing her the dog crate, toys, and dog house for an additional$100– amounting to $450. Naturally, the OP was annoyed as she had actually not been seeking to purchase a brand-new canine and had just unwillingly accepted take Luna to avoid her from winding up in a shelter.

Unsatisfied with the totally free deal, the lady attempted to regret her into paying the $450 amount by stating Luna made sure to be “ gassed ” because she was older and has health issue, including that the OP’ s other canines most likely cost method more. To which the OP reacted, as soon as again, with her preliminary deal of taking in the pet dog free of charge.

To contribute to the troubles theOP found that she didn ’ t even reside in the exact same state as her and would need to drive from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. Thankfully she had a cousin in the location who likes pit bulls and has experience with working and saving with them.

In an upgrade, the OP composed that ultimately, the hard female accepted their deal, ” My cousin &I each put in $50 and informed CB the outright most we would pay her is the $100 she’ s requesting for the products. She ultimately accepted our deal. Undoubtedly, I didn’ t wish to offer this dreadful human $ 100 for her bullshit however if that’ s the rate for going to sleep tonight understanding the pet dog is safe &&far from her, I’ m ok with it. ”

Luna was saved, however sadly, the OP was not eliminate the pet’ s previous owner

After the brand-new owner got Luna they discovered indications of animal abuse and disregard: “ The cage she wished to charge us for was rusty and dirty, as if the pet dog had actually been secured it for extended periods of time and was simply peeing all over. She should have been an actually shitty owner since it appears like the canine hasn’ t been bathed in ages and likewise has nails so long they’ re curling under her feet. ” The OP ’ s cousin brought her to the veterinarian to get a complete workup and treatment, however when they asked her previous owner for her previous medical records things went south.

The fed-up OP composed after the encounter: “ We will be reporting CB for animal disregard and abuse. Cousin currently took images of the revolting cage, her nails, her injuries, and so on. I hope CB is penalized or a minimum of has her house browsed in case she has any other animals, ” however included that all in all, “ It ’ s a delighted ending. Luna gets healthcare and an owner that enjoys her. Cousin got a brand-new friend. I can sleep much better tonight understanding the puppy’ s far from this horrible human. ”

People were revolted by the pet dog’ s previous owner for her habits and treatment of Luna

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