This woman is brutally honest about what it looks like to lose 100-plus pounds. Twice.

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Aiana Omipi experienced a food dependency that triggered her to weigh 277 pounds at the age of 19. She went on a rigorous diet plan of keto and low carbohydrates and dropped 149 pounds in simply 11 months.

Soon after, she went back to her old consuming practices up until she struck 299 in 2018. “ My part sizes were big part and I’d continuously feel starving so return for seconds, thirds or often even simply make another meal,” she informed The Daily Mail.

In March 2018, I will be going through bariatric( weight reduction) surgical treatment through stomach sleeve! I wished to share this with all …

Posted by Ariana Omipi on Sunday, February 25,



Omipi wished to lose the weight once again, however understood that she could not go back to a stiff, calorie-restricted diet plan. “ It consumed me in a manner that I can’ t even explain. It was a frustrating appetite that I might not silence however just shut out briefly, ” Omipi stated.


“ That wasn ’ t something that was sustainable for me as I had a continuous sensation of appetite, ” she stated. “ So, I discovered other options to remove the origin and have a sustainable weight-loss and healthy consuming program.”


Omipi chose to go through a stomach sleeve surgical treatment that eliminated 90% of her stomach.

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