Why I paint vulvas in public toilets

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Image copyright JACK LAWSON

Paintings of vulvas are turning up on doors of toilet cubicles throughout London.

It’s all part of a project to promote favorable body image amongst females – particularly what’s “down there”.

Oliwia Bober, 23, is the artist behind the genitalia styles – and states feedback has actually been favorable.

“Women are frequently shamed for how they look, particularly the most fragile and personal part – which is simply an actually undesirable experience,” she informs Radio 1 Newsbeat.

‘Sexual organs should not be unfavorable or favorable’

Image copyright JACK LAWSON
Image caption Oliwia was commissioned to create the vulvas on toilet cubicles in bars, bars and other places

“I believe it’s crucial to identify that having a vulva or vaginal area isn’t something that makes a lady, however for a great deal of females that have them they’re truly crucial,” states Oliwia.

Oliwia, who finished from Brighton University in 2015, states she’s felt the pressure too.

“Having seen pornography, the vulva that has actually been normalised is a really particular type – and if you have anything that differs that the message is still implanted that perhaps something’s not OKAY – which certainly isn’t the case at all.”

The setups have actually been introduced by Bodyform as part of its Viva La Vulva project.

Image copyright JACK LAWSON
Image caption Oliwia’s styles on cubicle doors at the Queen of Hoxton bar in London

Although she’s drawing personal parts in public areas, Oliwia does not believe there’s anything offending about her art.

“I do not believe sexual organs, in and of themselves, must have unfavorable or favorable undertones connected to them as they are simply that – organs.

“It’s the significance that we designate to them that might be unfavorable or favorable.”

‘People would have a tough time drawing a vulva from memory’

Image copyright JACK LAWSON

While it’s typical to see scribbles of penises in public toilets, it’s rarely that vaginal areas get the very same attention.

Psychoanalyst David Morgan believes there are a lot of penises due to the fact that it “represents stress and anxieties about male sexuality”.

“It’s handled by actually drawing their penises all over and pushing them in everybody’s face.

“When somebody sees a penis on the wall, there’s a small shock and vulnerability – and through that action the individual is reversing their own stress and anxieties by predicting them on other individuals.”

Image copyright JACK LAWSON
Image caption Oliwia with the styles she provided for the Tara Theatre in Earlsfield

Oliwia states she’s got her own theory on that.

“In females’s toilets, the sort of graffiti that includes on the walls is normally rather empowering – or intoxicated confessions to other females.

“But I believe part of the reason it’s normally penises that show up is since individuals would have a tough time drawing a vulva from memory if they attempted.

“I likewise believe males are made to feel more happy than females, so possibly that’s why.”

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