The U.S. Army asked a simple question. The heartbreaking answers revealed a tragic reality.

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An easy concern from the U.S. Army’s Twitter account led to a flood of actions they most likely weren’t anticipating.

Leading up to Memorial Day, the U.S. Army shared a video on their Twitter account revealing a soldier’s words about what serving in the armed force has actually suggested to him.

The young scout, Pfc. Nathan Spencer, states he signed up with to serve something higher than himself.

” The army has actually managed me the chance to do simply that. To provide to others, to safeguard the ones I enjoy, and to much better myself as a warrior and a guy.”

Then they asked Twitter the concern, “How has serving affected you?”

Presumably, the U.S. Army was expecting more favorable actions like Private Spencer’s. What they got was a dosage of agonizing truth.

Story after story of injury, PTSD, abuse, loss, and other awful results came gathering.

Americans tend to position the bravery, valor, and responsibility of military workers on a pedestal and gloss over the human expense of constantly producing skilled soldiers. While our patriotic hearts swell at the sight of boys and ladies in uniform, there are dark sides to service that we hardly speak about. “Thank you for your service,” we state to our military folk, not understanding that the unmentioned reaction is typically, “It’s damaging me.”

These actions to the army’s concern speak with that truth:

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