Most Abortion-Minded Women Arent Calculating Killers. Theyre Afraid.

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She wept when the 2 blue lines appeared. Her fleece pullover got damp when she cleaned her eyes, and she informed me she’d simply been worked with at a brand-new task that she feared she’d now lose. She was young. She dealt with expulsion. Her partner would be mad, she informed me — perhaps even strongly so. I nodded, struck mute by an absence of options for her.

“ I wear ’ t understand how to make it simpler, ” I informed her. “ But I understand you will never ever, ever be sorry for holding your infant. We can discover assistance.”


I’ ve offered in my neighborhood’ s pregnancy resource center for a couple of years, and while I regularly feel worried, unfortunate, baffled, and at a loss for services, there’ s one concrete thing I’ ve discovered: Most females looking for abortions aren’ t uber-political. They aren’ t members of the strongly pro-abortion, Twitter-argument-waging , shout-your-abortion crowd. They aren’ t computing killers. They ’ re scared.


Abortion is a fantastic evil. It ’ s left an awful, open hole on the planet where countless image-bearing kids need to be. While the church has actually mostly stood out at calling this despicable spade a spade, she frequently stops working to see this image: a young, typically impoverished, horrified lady — who understands her child is a human! — however thinks about abortion anyhow. Worry is extremely powerful.

Not all ladies looking for an abortion are uber-feminists

When we presume a lady who is looking for an abortion or has actually had an abortion is a stereotypical, uber-feminist activist , we can anticipate to be neither as caring as we ought to be or as reliable in motivating her to pick life.

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Instead, we must keep in mind that she is most likely scared. This will assist us enjoy her, feel sorry for her, motivate her to pick life for her infant, and, eventually, point her to Jesus.

Fear of What, Exactly?

It might appear apparent that the worry of killing must naturally exceed any other worries. While we might want that worry — and the worry of God — was our most engaging incentive, in our human flesh it typically isn’ t.


Women dealing with an unexpected pregnancy typically have sensible, here-and-now worries. They might fear the loss of monetary stability — or the loss of the capability to ever reach it. They might fear the loss of a currently teetering status quo in which every readily available ounce of food is currently taken in the house — maybe by other kids they’ re currently parenting. Pregnant females might lose a task, or they might not get the task they were wishing for. They might fear a violent sweetheart or dad.

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