‘I am a fat woman’: Democrat candidates shock and surprise at Planned Parenthood forum (not really)

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The Planned Parenthood Action Fund 2020 Election Membership Forum is being live-streamed on Facebook as we compose this post, so there’ s still plenty more to come, however the occasion does offer a handful of the Democratic prospects a chance to out-do each other on “ females ’ s reproductive rights. ”

By now you ought to understand that we dislike that “ intersectionality ” has actually ended up being a thing; in case you ’ re brand-new to the term, it ’ s a scholastic race to see who is most “ marginalized. ” For example, obviously, a female in America is oppressed by the patriarchy. What if you’ re a black female? You ’ re doubly-marginalized and score more points. Even much better if you’ re an African American trans female; that hand beats the others.

So while all the Democratic governmental prospects are pro-abortion all the method — even Joe Biden has actually turned on his assistance for the Hyde Amendment — prospects won reward points for arguing, state, that rescinding the Hyde modification would impact native ladies one of the most. And the online forum members required it.

Black females have abortions? Who understood that Planned Parenthood ’ s abortion service is basically racial genocide, other than everyone.

We send out the message that there are options toabortion. Great thinking on Planned Parenthood ’ s part not to leave anything on those tables Klobuchar might toss.

Oh, please extra us: Eric Swalwell went on once again about how he’ s raising his two-year-old boy as a feminist. Barf.

Oh, stopped talking. All Sanders ever speaks about if battling, however all he ever does is leave his Senate seat empty so he can run for president.

Beto O’ Rourke is still pressing the honestly unsafe story that Stacey Abrams was the victim of enormous citizen suppression, regardless of record turnout:

You can find out more about the #JusticeforJane case here . In other words, a federal judge purchased that a 17-year-old unlawful immigrant in custody be carried to have her abortion “ quickly and without hold-up, ” judgment that the teenager ’ s legal status was “ unimportant ” which “ she still has humans rights ” in spite of remaining in the nation unlawfully.

Props to Julian Castro for solving to the intersectionality part and consisting of trans guys amongst those whose reproductive rights require to be safeguarded:

No surprises there, then: late-term abortion as needed all over, no necessary medical treatment for children that make it through messed up abortions, taxpayer-funded abortions, abortions for prohibited immigrants, no gag guidelines, no limitations. Pretty sure we’ ve decided on our prospect … sorry, Max Boot, we won’ t be voting Democrat.

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