14 Places To Go If The World Is Going To End

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The world remains in a little problem. I believe we can all settle on that.

Humanity has actually currently endured a monetary crisis, and cautions of the Mayan Apocalypse in the previous years, however if 2019 is the year the world does lastly begin to collapse, we believe you must understand where to head to make it through.

We have actually chosen locations that we anticipate will stay fortresses of stability, security, and success no matter what the world tosses at them.


Iceland is without a doubt the most separated nation in Europe, situated numerous miles from any other land, making it difficult for any prospective intruders to get to.

The nation is likewise awash with beneficial resources for surviving. It is powered practically completely by geothermal energy from the nation’s lots of active volcanoes, and its seaside waters have a few of the very best and most plentiful seafood throughout the world. In the occasion of having to hole out on the island for a long time, you can rely on being warm and well fed.

Iceland likewise endured a near overall collapse of its banking system throughout the monetary crisis, so you understand its people are quite durable, necessary if completion of the world does come.

Tristan da Cunha

Grant Tiffen/Shutterstock

This island chain in the south Atlantic is in fact the world’s most remote populated island chain, more than 2,000 kilometers from the closest land. The population is simply over 300, so we’re sure they’re searching for brand-new citizens. It’s understood for outstanding fishing — the ideal profession if times were to get actually bad.


This is one for American patriots, who can take haven in this distant station of America. Guam is positioned in the Pacific, and it is house to a huge American military existence, best for keeping individuals safe on the occasion that Russian-Turkish relations go downhill and we discover ourselves in the middle of World War III.

Guam isn’t precisely house to a growing economy, nevertheless, with the majority of its earnings originating from travelers and the United States federal government.

Chiang Mai

All you truly require to understand is that this picturesque city in northern Thailand is where Swiss financier Marc Faber makes his house. When it comes to the state of the world, Faber is understood for being exceptionally cynical. He is continuously releasing cautions about where you ought to live if the war comes (rural farmland) and what will occur to the dollar (it will deserve less than toilet tissue).

On top of this, while Southeast Asia has actually been a hotspot for war, heroin, massacres, and political chaos for years, Chiang Mai has actually stayed a fortress of peace and stability. That’s a terrific indication it might endure no matter what history tosses at the rest people.


Denver has a couple of things going all out. It has distance to incredible shale-oil reserves, indicating there will constantly be fuel.

In the occasion of a war it’s the most convenient city in the United States to protect, as it’s a mile above water level (and no place near the sea) and surrounded by mountains.

Its elevation likewise makes it an outstanding location to enter the occasion of international warming. International warming must assist make Denver’s surrounding farming land extremely fertile.


Antarctica is most likely among the most unwelcoming locations worldwide, which’s why it’s the ideal area to hide come completion of the world. You can base yourself in one of the exploration huts and hunker down up until things enhance if you can handle to get there with sufficient food to endure the cold winter season. War is not likely to ever reach the world’s southernmost location.

The only disadvantage is that if water level increase since of environment modification, you may wind up like this penguin.

Puncak Jaya


This mountainous area of Indonesia would not appear like an extremely congenial location to live. Then, keep in mind, in a time like this you’re not precisely looking for congenial. You’re searching for survivable. And it ends up that the biggest cash cow on the planet remains in Puncak Jaya, which suggests there might be lots of work and trade if you play your cards properly. It likewise houses the third-largest copper mine in the world.

Cape Town

When you’re in the land of Africa, Cape Town is as great as it gets. With stunning views and harbors, the city is the second-most populated in South Africa with great factor. Even if whatever went terribly incorrect, Cape Town would silently continue along, as if absolutely nothing had actually ever occurred.

The state of Cape Town’s economy is absolutely nothing like that of its sibling cities to the north, thanks in part to the place of South Africa. It likewise is reasonably without Western foreign impact.


Switzerland has actually unquestionably shown itself a sanctuary throughout Europe’s bloody past.

Bern is surrounded by the Swiss Alps, providing it natural defense, and the Swiss capital is most likely the very best location to hide in Europe thanks to its diplomatic nous.

Switzerland is understood for having actually stayed neutral in every significant dispute in the previous couple of a century, and this neutrality makes Bern a respectable location to hole up throughout World War III. Swiss farming land is currently a few of the most fertile around, and this will just improve if environment modification begins to truly strike house.

Bern is thought to be called, easily, after the German plural for bear, “Bren.” It even has a 500-year-old custom of keeping live bear pits, and now a more gentle bear park.

Necker Island

This is the island that Virgin magnate Richard Branson owns. We’re sure he’ll let you live there when whatever collapses if you call him up. He constantly appears like a quite great person.

Tierra del Fuego

Wind patterns make this area in South America the ideal location to prevent any nuclear fallout. Once again, there’s an advantage of extremity. No one will trouble attacking Tierra del Fuego.


A. Michael Brown/Shutterstock

The Yukon is the westernmost of Canada’s federal areas. It is sparsely inhabited, and nowadays the economy is greatly based on the federal government and tourist. If things fall apart, the location is definitely capable of sustaining little, prospering neighborhoods. There is lots of wildlife for searching and trapping, which will be really essential in the early years after an international disaster when farming is not truly a feasible alternative.

As civilization restores itself, the location’s rare-metal mining will be an advantage. Great deals of rivers imply you’ll have the ability to navigate quickly.

The weather condition is severe, particularly in winter season. Bring a warm coat. And if you are on your own in the wilderness, you’ll need to be specifically mindful of bears.

Kansas City

No matter what occurs to the United States, Kansas City will most likely be OKAY. It’s not on either among the coasts, so you do not need to fret much about security, a foreign intrusion, or increasing water level. It is surrounded by a lot of farmland (appropriate for raising grain and animals), and it’s likewise at the crossway of a number of railway, so transport should not be an issue, even if things get truly bad — in truth, the city ought to grow as a center of activity.

The Isle of Lewis

Located in the north Atlantic ocean, a minimum of 3 hours by boat from the mainland of Scotland, the Isle of Lewis is preferably placed to prevent any wars or zombie armageddons. Take into account that no one has actually effectively gotten into anywhere in the UK for 950 years!

The island has lots of natural deposits, too, with excellent food and all the whisky you might ever desire, making Lewis a best location to conceal at the end of the world.

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