Perez Hilton in Liverpool! – Perez Hilton

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Perez states: “Life takes place so rapidly! And it just passes faster and much faster the older you get! I simply discovered this old video of me in Liverpool and I do not keep in mind ever seeing this. I was so worn out. And not present. I existed to host the MTV EMAs pre-show in 2008 and provide an award throughout the primary program. I do, nevertheless, bear in mind that at the arena Sir Paul McCartney saw me. He came near me and stated, “You avoid of problem!” A freaking Beatle understood who I was!!! THAT I will always remember! I require to return to Liverpool and do it correctly! And take a trip all around the U.K. It’s been far too long because I’ve existed! Enjoy this glance of my life then and this beautiful city!”

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