Comedian’s cancer almost went undiagnosed because of a doctor’s weight bias

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Comedian Jen Curran’s bone marrow cancer nearly went undiagnosed thanks to a physician’s weight preconception– an all too typical preconception held amongst those in the medical field.

“The NEW kidney medical professional took one take a look at my laboratory tests and stated,’ This is bad. And there’s absolutely nothing diet plan or workout can do to touch it, “Curran composed.”I marvelled BUT ALSO NOT.”

Curran went through both a kidney and bone marrow biopsy to discover that she in fact had bone marrow cancer.

“And if I had not gotten a consultation?” she composed. “Duh. I’ll currently be weeks into chemo by the time the followup with that very first kidney physician rolls around. And who understands just how much longer it would have taken her to identify me?”

Shocking. Gut wrenching. I have a 5 month old child. I’m not even 40 years of ages. I’m not even captured up on Big Little Lies. 30/

— Jen Curran(@jencurran) August 12, 2019

So here we are and here we go. I’m 38 and I have a brand-new infant and I have bone marrow cancer. Certainly not what I anticipated. Absolutely do not wan na need to handle this. I’m going to beat it. 33/

— Jen Curran (@jencurran) August 12, 2019

Curran isn’t the very first individual to have a health problem, illness, or special needs dismissed due to weight. And, according to a research study, more than 50%of doctors “seen overweight clients as uncomfortable, unappealing, awful, and noncompliant.”

Many others started sharing their own stories in reaction to Curran’s– some with more awful results.

” So grateful you got a 2nd viewpoint. A lady I understood went to her physician for shortness of breath. Dr took one take a look at her and informed her to slim down. “Of course you can’t breath! Take a look at you! Drop weight and you’ll be great”. Next day, she was dead from an embolism in her lungs, “one composed.

“weight “and” menapause “obviously are the reasons for every disorder for females … no matter just how much we track signs, or research study &&offer it to the medical professionals, they avoid over it. I’m so sorry you are going through this &&thank you for sharing it.

— SoodyQ (@SoodyQ) August 13, 2019

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