Father Asks Strangers To Suggest Interesting Facts He Could Tell His Daughter, Gets 40 Responses

u/ExpiringFrog asked individuals to share bits of details that might do the technique. His post rapidly went viral, creating almost 100k upvotes and over 20.5 k remarks, with fascinating realities about basically whatever you might think about. From guinea pig owning laws in Switzerland to the time it takes a snowflake to reach the ground, […]

40 Times People Had No Idea What They Were Looking At, But The Internet Knew What It Was Right Away (New Pics)

The internet is a veritable treasure trove of knowledge. And there are hundreds, and thousands of detectives online, all willing to give you a helping hand. Reddit #1 I Found This Ring In My Backyard While Doing Gardening. After Cleaning It, It Doesn’t Look Like A Normal Ring. Any Ideas ? Answer: It’s a Georgian/early Victorian […]