30 Hilarious Before And After Photos Of How Life Changes After Having Kids (New Pics)

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As someone that doesn’t have an especially strong urge to have kids anytime soon, I’m often told things like: “It’s a completely life-changing experience;” “your priorities are turned upside down;” and “nothing can describe the feeling you get when you first hold your own child in your hands.”

Now, I don’t doubt for a second that the act of procreation fulfills one of the most basic and fundamental human needs and brings about incredible and joyous emotions that only a parent can really understand.

However, while parenting is surely amazing, rewarding and life-changing beyond words, it can also take its toll! From the calm, romantic, fun-loving and free couples of before to the flustered, stressed and vomit-stained parents of afterward, these photos amusingly highlight some of the change that all parents go through – and even though they will surely say that it was 100% worth it – meh, I’m still not quite convinced yet.

The ‘before vs after parenting pics’ trend was started by forty-something Brooklyn dad Mike Julianelle, who runs the ‘Got Toddlered‘ Instagram page and also has a popular parenting blog that shares his experiences of being the father to two crazy sons. We had a previous post covering the first batch of hilarious examples, and they were so popular that we have come back with more! Scroll down to check them out for yourself, and let us know your thoughts and stories in the comments!


This Doesn’t Even Need A Caption. I Should Literally Delete Every Other Picture On This Page And Replace Them All With This And Put “Mission Accomplished” In My Bio. My Work Here Is Done. All Joking Aside, This Guy Is A Champ And A Half! Giving Us Dads A Good Name!

Bored Panda was lucky enough to speak to Mike himself, who shared some of his famously witty insights on the realities of parenting with us.

“Look, I don’t hate my kids, I just hate parenting,” he told us with a laugh. “That’s really all it boils down to, and is the premise behind all my Dad and Buried stuff – my blog, my Instagram page, my Facebook, and my podcast (Dad and Buried – subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and everywhere else you get podcasts!) – and my Got Toddlered account.”

“Parenting is challenging and frustrating and expensive and exhausting and stressful and boring, and while my sons are often all of those things as well, I don’t regret having them. How dare you suggest such a thing just because I occasionally make jokes and memes that make it seem that way!”


Every Once In A While, Parenthood Is A Major Improvement


From Dressed To The Nines To Asleep By Nine

“I mock and troll my kids, and I trash and ridicule parents and parenting, and myself, because that’s my sense of humor, and my sense of humor is what keeps me sane amidst the all-consuming hellscape of attempting to protect and raise ignorant, unformed, self-destructive miniature human beings.”

“I recently had a job interview. Job interviews are stressful no matter what stage of life you’re at, but, like everything else, having children raises the stress exponentially. I’m not just providing for myself anymore, and the stakes are much higher now; the consequences of blowing a job interview are a lot more intense. And so was getting there, because I had to take my toddler with me.”


Honeymoon’s Over!


Made Our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Picture!

“Being unemployed, we can’t afford childcare, so I had to ride the subway, in a full suit, on one of the hottest days of the summer, with my toddler on my lap and/or napping next to me. Thankfully I didn’t have to bring him to the interview itself; I was able to drop him with my wife. The logistics of all of this – the scheduling, the traveling, the hand off, the carrying of a sleeping toddler across Manhattan while sweat poured off me like a waterfall, etc. – were incredibly complicated.”

“None of this was ideal. But I had to do it, I had to put my best foot forward for the job, so I can provide for my family, and, more importantly, so I can get the hell out of my house. I can’t handle being a stay at home dad for another minute!”

Mike’s kids are 8 (9 in September) and 3.5. Right now he’s a stay at home dad, not exactly by choice, and he spends his time writing honest and insightful blogs about the issues that he struggles with at times. Because scrolling through social media, you’d be forgiven for thinking that everyone is just the perfect parent – happy, energetic and full of great ideas for nurturing excellent human beings. You rarely see behind the curtain! Mike gives an honest evaluation of parenthood, and his blog is essential reading for parents and non parents alike!


Parenting Gets You Into Some Sticky Situations. (These Captions Can’t All Be Winners!)


For Obvious Reasons, This Cat Has Learned To Sleep With One Eye Open


The Dog Days Are Over


From “I’m On A Boat!!!” To “He’s On My Throat!!!” (This Is One Of My Favorites!)


From “Haaaaaaayyyyyy!” To “Wait! I’ve Got A New Complaint…”


Actually Maximus, No, I’m Not Entertained. Thanks For Asking! (Love How The Shirt Goes From Sincere To Ironic When The Kid Shows Up!)


From Sex On The Beach To Dead On Her Feet! This Juxtaposition Almost Makes Me Feel Bad, But The Truth Must Be Told! Also, The Baby’s Mouth Is Wide Open Too Omg


From Drinking Together To *making Drinks* Together


This About Sums It Up


It Doesn’t Take Long For Them To Go From Cute To Crushing


His Drinking Buddies Have Changed


From Partying All Night To Peppa’s Windy Fall Day


I’m Not Sure Which Situation Is More Hazardous To His Health…


From Da King To Dafuq?!


And To Think, She Used To Be The One Who Threw Up After Drinking Too Much


This Dapper Gent Went From Refined Af To Resigned To His Fate


What’s The Opposite Of A Glow Up?


From Little Black Dress To Big White Mess. I Can’t Believe She Stopped To Take A Photo Before Incinerating That Hoodie!


From Fat Tuesdays To Ass Wednesdays


Older Siblings Can Get Toddlered Too! Not That He Seems To Mind Trading His Mouthguard For A Tiara

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From Striking A Pose To Serving As Poster Board

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