An Instacart worker lost 300 pounds, but that doesn’t erase gig economy problems

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This week, Instacart took pleasure in a little feel-good press thanks to an employee who credits his 300-pound weight reduction journey to his task looking for and providing groceries by means of the app.

In an interview with Good Morning America on Tuesday, Chicago Instacart Shopper Antonio Martinez stated he utilized the time invested in his feet and the grocery lists of healthy clients to strike a balance in between work and workout. By buying consumers, Martinez stated he likewise discovered much healthier food choices and where to purchase them, along with what the outcomes of regularly consuming much healthier might appear like.

The root of the issue is that shipment employees for these apps are classified as professionals, and the majority of the business behind these apps will not acknowledge their staff members as full-time workers. Simply in 2015, GrubHub was demanded not paying a base pay or overtime. According to Reuters , the claim judgment remained in GrubHub's favor: Its staff members stay independent specialists, without the rights of standard workers like medical insurance and ill days.

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