Someone Modified A Roomba To Curse When It Bumps Into Things And Its Hilarious

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If you, like me, were not familiar with the name ‘ Roomba, ’ it is among those robotic vacuum thingys, which are now a lot more popular and typical than I understood. Obviously, I’ m still stuck in the midlifes, vacuuming away in analog like an outright sucker.

Image credits: michaelreeves08

Anyway, like all modern-day innovation, the styles for these things are constantly being continuously customized and fine-tuned, to make them smarter, quieter and more effective.

Technology YouTuber Michael Reeves , understood for his vibrant language and eventually meaningless however smart robotics, chose to take a various method, nevertheless, by reacting to his fans ’ demands to make a Roomba that curses and screams when it run into things.

After some uncommon engineering, Michael Reeves developed a beast

Reeves, whose YouTube channel boasts over 2.2 million fans, did not appear excessively passionate about the concept and got the aid of fellow tech blog writers iDubbbz , MaxMoeFoe , and LilyPichu to provide their voices and motivation to the job.

Eventually, they develop a whiney, potty-mouthed device loaded with self-pity and existential fear, which Reeves then required to his regional Target shop for some ‘ marketing research. ’

A Rude Roomba that curses and screams when it run into things

He took the customized device to his regional Target shop for some ‘ marketing research ’

The reactions were blended, with some laughs and bemused appearances

He even attempted to ‘ return ’ the obviously ‘ malfunctioning ’ Roomba, much to the surprised amusement of personnel

In the end, Reeves concludes that the public is not all set for the rowdy and impolite Roomba. “ It looks like though our innovation is just too far ahead of its time, ” he states. “ The world isn ’ t prepared for the Roomba that yells when it run into things and I’ m fine with that.”

You can view the complete video listed below

Here’ s how individuals responded to the disrespectful Roomba

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