Dennis Rodman Says Madonna Once Offered Him $20 MILLION To Get Her Pregnant!! – Perez Hilton

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Dennis Rodman has a great story for you!

The previous NBA star thought back about his short relationship with Madonna in a brand-new interview on The Breakfast Club, declaring the super star as soon as provided him $20 million to get her pregnant!

For those who put on’ t understand, the 58-year-old

He initially declared the queen “wished to have my children” in his 2005 autobiography, I Should Be Dead By Now, composing:

“Here’s how it went. When I got this frenzied call, one time I was in Las Vegas at the craps table doing my thing. It resembled the ‘ someone passed away call ’ from New York …. I got the phone and Madonna resembled , I’m ovulating, I’m ovulating. Get your ass up here.'”

Ha! Seems like something Her Madgesty would state!

Rodman broadened on the story in his Breakfast Club When the topic was brought up, interview. After among the hosts asked why he didn’ t wish to get Madonna pregnant, the ex baller stated:

“Oh I attempted. I attempted over here by Central Park. She had that huge 3 story location there. I was chancing in Vegas. This a great story. What a great story.”

He was not overemphasizing.

Rodman continued:

“I was chancing in Vegas and she’s in New York and she calls and the next thing I understand is [somebody informing me,] Hey Dennis you got a call from Madonna. ’ So I state hold the dice and get the call. She stated ‘ Dennis I’ve ovulating. ’ I stated ‘ What? You ovulating? What is that? ’ I was attempting to f ** k with her? [She stated,] ‘ You understand ovulating? ’ I stated, ‘ Oh fine terrific. I’ll be there in 5 hours. ’ So I put the dice down and I stated ‘ Hold the table.'”

Yup. Rodman really had the Vegas gambling establishment HOLD HIS TABLE while he flew to NYC to get it on with the artist.

To make matters a lot more outrageous, he states Madge sent out a personal aircraft to bring him! He included:

“She sent out an airplane to me, a G5. I went to the airport. Came here, flew here, went and did my thing at her home. Did my thing, went back on the airplane. They held the table. I was playing dice video game.”

And y’ all believed the Royal Family was inefficient with their jet travel !

When among the hosts asked Rodman to clarify if he truly “simply went [to New York], made love and got on the airplane and returned [to Vegas],” he responded:

“That’s a real story … She asked me that if I got her pregnant, she’d pay me $20 million. That’ s if the kid was born.”

Not a bad agreement!

Rodman made it clear the encounter was absolutely nothing more than a prospective service deal. When asked if there was any foreplay or snuggling included, he stated:

“No, no, no, no, no. I was attempting to return to my table.”

The ex professional athlete stated while he didn’ t get fortunate on the table that night, he did get fortunate “with Lamar Hunt ’ s child.” In general he had an efficient day.

Watch the clip of his interview (listed below) to hear more!

What do U consider this service offer??

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