Jarrid Wilson: “Why Suicide Doesnt Always Lead to Hell”

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** Editor’ s Note: This post was composed by Jarrid Wilson on June 9, 2018 and initially appeared on his blog site . Wilson, a pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship, passed away by suicide on September 9, 2019. The following remains in NO method meant to be a recommendation for suicide as a response, however rather a window into the truth of psychological health battles and God’ s intense grace. If you or anybody you understand is fighting with self-destructive ideas, call the toll-free, 24-hour National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK. Suicide is NEVER the response. You are not alone.

Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade are simply 2 of the numerous individuals and/or stars who have actually devoted suicide in the simply the in 2015. It’ s heartbreaking to state the least, and I think our society and culture need a fantastic awakening in concerns to concerns, psychological health awareness, and the love of God. My heart breaks for the households of Anthony and Kate, and I’ m hoping God will cover them with absolutely nothing however peace and convenience.

While observing the lots of remarks and posts associated with suicide in reaction to the current deaths of Anthony and Kate, I couldn’ t assistance however observe the number of individuals fasted to mention what numerous think are their everlasting fates. “ Anyone who dedicates suicide winds up in hell, ” stated one Twitter user, while another stated, “ Suicide is an unforgivable sin.”


I ’ m composing this post since I desire individuals to comprehend that these declarations couldn’ t be moreincorrect. They ’ re ill-thought and without appropriate scriptural understanding. Did Anthony and Kate devote their lives to Christ, even in their last minutes of discomfort and suffering? I hope so. Just God understands. And I’ m not here to evaluate whether they did. No. I’ m here to talk about something rather various.

Those who state suicide immediately results in hell clearly wear’ t comprehend the totality of psychological health concerns in today’ s world, not to mention comprehend the standard faith behind empathy and God’ s intense grace. Paradise is a location for individuals who have an individual relationship with Jesus, not a simply a location for individuals who didn’ t devote suicide. We need to do much better at informing individuals on things they have a difficult time covering their heads around. And psychological health is absolutely a subject Christians around the globe should yearn to much better comprehend.

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Mental Health Issues

As horrible as it sounds, psychological health concerns can lead lots of people to do things they wouldn’ t otherwise do if theydidn ’ t battle. If you wear ’ t think me, I ’d motivate you to learn more about somebody with PTSD, Alzheimer’ s, or OCD so that you can much better comprehend where I’ m originating from. As somebody who’ s dealt with extreme anxiety throughout the majority of my life, and contemplated suicide on several events, I can guarantee you that what I’ m stating holds true.

The truth is, you wouldn’ t dare state that somebody who passed away of cancer is going to hell even if of their health problem, would you? I hope not. Please wear’ t presume somebody who passed away of suicide through extreme anxiety is going to hell either. Both are diseases. Both can cause death. The choosing aspect for somebody going into paradise vs. hell in concerns to Christianity is this: Knowing Jesus as your individual Lord and hero. And think what? There are numerous who understand Jesus as Lord yet still experience a health problem such as extreme anxiety and other psychological health problems.

  • Does God authorize of suicide? Nope!
  • Does God see suicide as a bad thing? Yup!
  • Is God’ s grace enough even for those who have devoted suicide? Yup!

Some Statistics About Suicide

1. Over 80 percent of individuals who are scientifically depressed are not getting treatment.

2. The variety of individuals detected with anxiety increases by 30 percent every year.

3. An approximated 121 million individuals all over the world experience anxiety.

4. In 2013, 41,149 suicides were reported, making it the 10th leading cause of death for Americans

5. In 2013, somebody passed away by suicide every 12.8 minutes .

Suicide doesn’ t lead individuals to hell. Not understanding Jesus as Lord and Savior does. And while it is, in reality, a sin that will be evaluated by God, so is taking, unfaithful, and lying. And these are all sins that all Christians dedicate daily, yet they wear’ t always keep somebody out of eternity in paradise. Desire to understand what will keep somebody out of paradise? Not understanding Jesus as one’ s individual Lord and Savior. That’ s simply Bible 101.

“ For God so enjoyed the world that he provided his one and just Son, that whoever thinks in him will not die however have immortality.”– John 3:16

Stop informing individuals that suicide causes hell. It ’ s bad faith and evidence one doesn ’ t comprehend the fundamental psychology surrounding psychological health concerns. In closing, we should comprehend God dislikes suicide simply as much as the next individual. Why? Due to the fact that it defies God ’ s yearning for the sanctity of life. While suicide is not something God authorizes of, no mess is too untidy for the grace of Jesus. This consists of suicide.


If you or somebody you understand is considering trying or hurting yourself/themselves suicide, connect to somebody who can

assist right now.Call the toll-free, 24-hour National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK to be linked to a skilled therapist at a suicide crisis center nearby you.


If you are searching for a certified Christian therapist in your location, please go to the Anthem of Hope site.


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