5 Stars From The 2000s That Have Normal Jobs Now | Betches

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Friends, we have formally practically made it to 2020. Taylor Swift’ s self-titled launching album came out 13 years back. Justin Bieber is wed . Eminem’ s child Hailie finished from college in 2018 and has practically 2 million fans on Instagram. We. are. old. And it’ s days like today, as I intensely Google where I can get discount rate botox , that I get classic for my youth. It was an easier time, a time when I might paper my walls with the cover of Tiger Beat and imagine constructing out with Shane West and being as cool as Lindsay Lohan. And this fond memories got me believing, what ever occurred to my preferred stars of the 2000s? I indicate, we understand what occurred to individuals like Lindsay Lohan (trying to run a beach club, socializing with a dubious prince ), and Amanda Bynes (psychological breakdown, style school, another psychological breakdown). What occurred to the ones that went on to have typical tasks? Let’ s learn!

1. Dylan Sprouse

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