Yikes, T.I. Checks To Make Sure His Daughter’s Hymen Is Still Intact | Betches

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When you end up being a moms and dad , your life instantly ends up being a lot more complex. Not just do you need to attempt to make wise options about your own life, however you likewise need to inform yourself and make crucial choices about another little individual’s whole life. I can state with self-confidence that I’m no place near fully grown sufficient to manage this pressure, and I most likely will not be for a number of years. Generally, being a moms and dad is difficult AF, and nobody can be ideal all the time. This week, T.I. made some remarks about his parenting that seriously made me flinch, and we require to talk about it.

On the current episode of the Ladies Like United States podcast, hosted by Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham, T.I. shared some stories about his parenting design with his 18-year-old child, Deyjah. When asked if he had actually offered the “sex talk” to his child (of which Deyjah is the oldest), he stated that not just has he had actually ~ the talk ~ with Deyjah, however he takes things an action even more. He stated, “Not just have we had the discussion. We have annual journeys to the gynecologist to inspect her hymen. Yes, I opt for her.”


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