No live insects to be eaten on I’m A Celeb

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Live bugs will not be consumed in this year’s I’m A Celebrity, in a “long-term” modification to the truth TELEVISION program.

I’m A Celebrity has actually formerly been criticised for utilizing live bugs in its ‘bushtucker trials’.

Some jobs on the ITV program have actually consisted of pests being consumed alive or disposed onto candidates.

The stars might still be covered in bugs throughout shooting in Australia however any consumed will currently be dead.

“Producers have actually had a look at the trials and chose that no live animals would be consumed in the trials this year,” BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat has actually been informed.

An ITV source stated: “They have actually been preparing this for a long time and in fact in 2015 beach worms were the only animals consumed live however this time around they’ve chosen to carry out the modification totally and completely.”

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Image caption Insects like this witchetty grub have actually been consumed alive on previous series of I’m A Celebrity

This year’s line-up consists of previous Girls Aloud vocalist Nadine Coyle, ex-footballer and broadcaster Ian Wright and Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts.

‘Eating live invertebrates was abuse’

The relocation has actually been invited by wildlife speaker Chris Packham, who states he’s “extremely happy” at ITV’s choice, however explains it as “an initial step.”

“I hope this is the start of some considerable modification,” he informed BBC Radio 5 Live.

“What’s long worried me about the program is that is depicts animals in the incorrect method.

“There was never ever any obscurity that consuming live invertebrates was abuse and likewise exploitation for home entertainment.”

Chris likewise criticised the program for stereotyping animals like rats and snakes as “bad organism.”

He likewise stated he believed ITV’s choice belonged to a modification in worldwide thinking due to the present environment crisis.

“We’re going to need to make modifications,” he included.

“That implies you and I making modifications in our lives, that indicates TELEVISION manufacturers making modifications in the method they make their programs.”

I’m A Celebrity begins on ITV on Sunday night.

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