Why I Stopped Asking “Is This Really Gods Will?”

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Proverbs 16:9 (NLV)

We can make our strategies, however the LORD identifies our actions.

This verse popped into my head last night, and I simply needed to laugh. It’ s all I might do. I ’ ll be completely truthful, though; in the beginning I wished to weep. All the strategies I had actually made, and not a single one had actually turned out. Each one, one by one had actually fallen through. Now what were we gon na do?!

A month off! Sounds great, however insane, ideal?! I indicate, it’ s not like I had actually paid time off. It ’ s not even like we had some big savings held up to pull from. Nope. All I had was certainty. I’ ve stopped questioning my capability to speak with the Lord. When I feel Him leading me in a specific instructions, well, I simply go. I utilized to consume backward and forward, “ Is this truly God ’ s will ? ” however I found out something quite darn crucial. Are you all set for this nugget?


He’ ll work it out regardless.

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I’ ve discovered that you frequently need to get out of your convenience zone to follow where God is leading. In some cases we can utilize the reason of “ I ’ m notsure it ’ s God ’ s will ” to keep us from doing something frightening, and as an adverse effects we never ever experience the true blessing he wanted. It takes nerve to speak with the Lord, once you can rely on that he’ s speaking with you, particularly in the huge things, it will merely end up being force of habit to follow him for the little things. It took me a while to understand this. The excellent, grand conclusion is that even if you inadvertently turn left when God states right, he’ ll simply have you bust a couple more lefts to navigate the block.

Romans 8:28 (NLT)

And we understand that God triggers whatever to collaborate for the good of those who enjoy God and are called according to his function for them.

Anyway, back to my story. I had actually chosen to take the month of December off work as a travel nurse. I seemed like God was leading us to take that time. I felt it was a required rest, a time of renewal for my hubby, and much required communion with my enjoyed ones beyond our instant household circle. I felt I required to take those 5 weeks off from work so highly that I simply decided and did it!

I keep in mind informing a colleague, “ I ’ m uncertain we have the funds to remove all that time, however I’ m strolling it out in faith.”


Even though I understood in my heart God desired us to take this sabbatical, and I understood he was our supplier, you much better think I set out preparation. Which’ s a good idea. I ’ m a quarter fly by the seat of my trousers, half map it out appropriately, and 1/4 let the chips fall where they may, after my map flies out the window. Which is precisely what took place.

I began by squirreling cash away, informing the kids no, putting a freeze on eating in restaurants. All good ideas. I kept going through the numbers, like, consistently tallying credits versus debits, to the point that even I felt founded guilty.

“ Sorry,Lord, ” I ’d state as I put my calculator down. “ I simply require to trust you on this.”


The numbers existed, however, which truthfully offered me peace to understand we weren’ t being overall morons. With our outdoor camping subscription in play, the entire time back house with household would be a rent-free stay for our Recreational Vehicle, and I even discovered parks along the path house that would be complimentary or no greater than $10 for the night. I was quite pleased with myself.

“ Oh, I ’ m sorry hon, ” the girl on the phone stated.“There are no jobs. ”


And so it started. Every stop I had actually prepared, didn’ t go as prepared. The park within our outdoor camping subscription back house that guaranteed a 3 week stay totally free? Closed for the season. Not one single strategy I made went as prepared, and I’ ve discovered that takes place in this life. As much as I wish to repair and attempt whatever prior to it’ s even broken, some things I simply wear’ t have the understanding to repair. My Poppa does.


I informed a pal last night, “ if there ’ s anything I ’ ve discovered over the previous 2 years, it ’ s that itwill exercise. ”


Y ’ all, God is devoted to those who rely on him. We definitely wear’ t deserve it, however he continues to put out his excellent grace and favor over us. The previous number of years have actually been a faith-building journey of unpredictability, yet through everything God always made a method. No place to remain? He would put something all of a sudden in our course. Health, security, and arrangement constantly offered. The funds came through if an unforeseen repair work came up. We found out not to stress what our next action would be. We simply kept our eye on our guide. Jesus. Constantly Jesus.

It’ s like, the more I put my rely on him, the more he provided his favor. I stated I chuckled when I believed of that verse from Proverbs due to the fact that I understand God’ s not done with me.

Last night I informed the Lord, “ well, I think you’ re refrained from doing revealing me what all you can do.”


My faith isn’ t best, y ’ all. Vice versa. You much better think I got a little twitchy considering the additional funds required for lot lease for the month of December, however then the Holy Spirit whispered that verse. See, besides being simply all right at my faith, I’ m likewise simply an alright coordinator, however fortunately my all-knowing God’ s got this. My strategies can fail, and I wear’ t need to sweat it, since my trust remains in him. Where he leads, he offers, and in the end, that’ s actually all I require to understand.

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