Former Baltimore mayor faces fraud and tax evasion charges

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Federal indictment implicates Catherine Pugh of utilizing her Healthy Holly kids books to promote her profession and fund mayoral run

The disgraced previous mayor of Baltimore has actually been charged with scams and tax evasion including sales of her self-published kids’s books.

An 11-count federal indictment unsealed on Wednesday implicates Catherine Pugh of utilizing her Healthy Holly kids’s books to enhance herself, promote her political profession and fund her run for mayor.


The Department of Justice stated the grand jury prosecuted Pugh on federal charges of conspiracy to dedicate wire scams, 7 counts of wire scams, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and 2 counts of tax evasion. She is anticipated to give up to United States Marshals prior to a preliminary look and arraignment on Thursday prior to Judge Deborah K Chasanow in Baltimore.

Also unsealed on Wednesday were the guilty pleas of the previous Baltimore City workers Gary Brown, Jr and Roslyn Wedington. Both pleaded guilty to conspiracy and tax scams.

“Corrupt public workers swindle the taxpayers and weaken everybody’s faith in federal government,” stated United States lawyer Robert K Hur in a statement of the charges. “Our chosen authorities need to put the interests of the people above their own.”

Pugh resigned in early May after authorities started examining whether she set up bulk sales of Healthy Holly books to camouflage numerous countless dollars in kickbacks.

FBI and IRS representatives robbed her workplaces, houses and other places in late April and took a number of products, consisting of cash transfer invoices, a laptop computer, cds and a $100,000 check from the University of Maryland Medical System to Pugh’s Healthy Holly business.

The first-term Democrat ended up being mayor in late 2016.

Pugh has actually remained in privacy given that early April, when she took a leave from the mayor’s workplace due to what her legal representative referred to as bad health following a bout of pneumonia. Lawyer Steven Silverman at that time asserted that Pugh was so vulnerable physically and psychologically that she was not able to make “significant choices”.

Federal, state and regional examinations have actually been checking out doubtful monetary plans that throughout the years netted Pugh approximately $800,000 for her hard-to-find books. The books were suggested to be offered to schools and day care centers, however it is uncertain where 10s of countless copies wound up.

The Democrat ended up being mayor in late 2016 after having actually served in the state legislature because 2005.

Pugh, 69, ended up being the 2nd mayor of Baltimore in less than a years to step down since of a scandal. Previous Mayor Sheila Dixon left workplace in 2010 as part of a plea offer for abusing about $500 in present cards indicated for clingy households.

A long time city board member, Bernard “Jack” Young, took control of the function of mayor after Pugh resigned. He acquired a city with stopping working schools, a prospering controlled substance market and among the country’s greatest rates of violent criminal offense.

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