Here’s The Woman Who Helped Create H.E.R’s Epic Clear Guitar From The Grammys

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Thanks To Moya Nkruma

Fender’s Moya Nkruma Is The Woman Behind Your Coolest Rock Guitar Fantasy

When R&&B singer-songwriter H.E.R. carried out at the 2019 Grammy Awards with a spectacular, tailor-made, clear acrylic guitar from Fender, audience members were at a loss for words. So was Moya Nkruma, who existed to see Fender’s customized production in action. As Fender’s artist marketing supervisor , Moya Nkruma assists develop customized guitars for artists, and the sparkly Stratocaster was the outcome of her own work.

Nkruma is Fender’s artist marketing supervisor for the Urban and Gospel Department , managing all the promotion around the artists and their Fender instruments. Managing their demands can imply anything from assistance for trips, scheduling artists for projects, helping with brand-new item launches, or assisting an artist demo a Fender item. If artists require marketing deal with Fender, customized devices, or some deal with Fender’s advertising campaign, that’s all approximately her. One of the coolest parts of her gig is developing custom-made guitars for artists. “I like what I’m doing here at Fender,” Nkruma says.

The artists that pertain to Nkruma for their dream guitar typically have their own vision for what it will be, and it’s her task to make certain their dream comes to life. “Their guitar or their bass is a tool that they utilize like an external part of their character,” Nkruma discusses.

When she came out, I actually began sobbing.

While some artists concern Nkruma with a really particular concept of what they desire, at other times, she and the artist team up together to produce a brand-new vision. “I will take that details — whether it’ s to like colors or technical elements of the guitar, and the tone that they’re attempting to leave it — to our item group,” she states. From there, depending upon how complicated the work is, there are various actions she and the group need to think about. Often the work can be constructed exclusively by the item group, and other times the customized work requires to be done by the master contractors based in the Fender Custom Shop in Corona, California. Modifications asked for can consist of anything from aesthetic appeals of the guitar to tone or general playability of the instrument, and the artist gets to check samples throughout the procedure. Nkruma’s task is to make certain the customer is notified and pleased with the best guitar of their dreams.

Courtesy of Fender

Nkruma, who has actually been with Fender given that October 2018, got the enthusiastic ask for her very first custom-made guitar about 2 months into the task. “I got a text from H.E.R.’s management. And they sent me a screenshot of an entirely clear guitar and the text stated, ‘Can we make this for H.E.R. for her Grammy efficiency?’ And I stated — not understanding how actually the procedure operated at that time — ‘Let me inspect.'” In the beginning, she got shot down: H.E.R. required the guitar in simply one week. The procedure to produce a custom-made Fender guitar for artists is generally 6 months.

Instead of accepting defeat, Nkruma persuaded her employer to OK the task. “I stated, ‘You understand, she’s chosen for 2 Grammys, she’ s most likely a minimum of going to take house one, and she is carrying out, and this is her very first Grammy launching. We need to figure it out.” Ultimately, she got the consent. The guitar was ended up in simply 5 days.

Because of the hurried procedure and fragile product (obviously, acrylic is tough to deal with), Nkruma needed to be offered 24/7 up until the guitar headed out. “I made myself offered to take calls or texts from H.E.R.’ s management group or my coworkers at Fender who were dealing with the task, no matter the time of day or night,” she remembers. She was the primary link in between H.E.R and Master Builder Scott Buehl, who at one point worked for 48 hours directly to get it done completely. “In all severity, to achieve a big accomplishment like this takes a group,” Nkruma states.

I’ ve constantly understood what I wished to do.

After such an accomplishment, Nkruma felt she required participate in the Grammys to see the ended up work of art face to face. ” When she came out, I actually began sobbing,” Nkruma remembers. The guitar “appeared like crystal when the light hit.”

Knowing she contributed to the production of such a motivating minute made it even more unique for Nkruma. It was simply fantastic to see that something that you had actually dealt with [with] this artist having such a crucial and fantastic renowned minute,” she states. “And [understanding] that you played some bit part in adding to that.”

” This is why I’ m here,” she keeps in mind believing. ” These are the tasks that you require to deal with.”

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nkruma’s love affair with music started at age 8 with the violin. Later on, she would end up being a qualified opera vocalist. “Once an artist, constantly an artist,” she chuckles. “I’ ve constantly understood what I wished to do. At a really, extremely young age I understood I wished to be an artist.”

In college, Nkruma went to a music conservatory and took part in singing competitors. She felt that “there must be more than simply standing in the scoundrel of the piano and carrying out.” She likewise wished to produce things, calling herself a kid “that composed plays and directed them and made movies.” With that imagination, she understood she desired more than simply the efficiency elements of the music market. Seeing her mama — a contemporary dancer and choreographer — likewise deal with business elements of music motivated her to follow the very same course. “I saw a female in my own home sort of wear both hats,” she remembers. “So I believed, OK. I can do both. I put on’ t need to select.”

I wished to produce chances for individuals like me, and for myself too.

Although Nkruma enjoyed the conservatory and the classical collection, she felt there was more she wished to do. “I believed, you understand, there’ s more to this than simply carrying out, so I wished to produce chances for individuals like me, and for myself too.” From 2001 to 2018, she operated at the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), where she was promoted to the Director of the Urban Department in 2017. She states the working relationships it cultivated assisted prepare her for Fender. “I developed an incredible network of songwriters, artists, music manufacturers, label executives, lawyers, and press agents,” she states.

Courtesy of Moya Nkruma

But at the end of the 8 years, Nkruma was prepared for something brand-new. She saw the Urban and Gospel Department at Fender, which was brand name brand-new, as her chance to develop something from scratch. “I wished to be uneasy, which’ s most likely among the very best methods to discover to ensure that you grow,” she states. She took control of the function of linking straight with the artists and constructing those relationships, which she states deserves “your weight in gold.” She states things like constructing a customized instrument can cultivate fantastic connections with artists. “They actually seem like they’ re part of the household, so I constantly state it’ s an individuals ability.”


When she’s got time to try to find brand-new artists, Nkruma does her own research study by finding artists through music streaming platforms or ” word of mouth” from others within business. Often, however, it’s simply networking within her sphere and working tasks. Over the summer season, she bridged a connection in between Fender and guitar player Ari O’Neal, who played guitar for Beyonc’s Coachella program marching band . Fender wound up doing an advertising video with O’Neal, showcasing the American Acoustasonic Telecaster back in August 2019.

As an artist herself, Nkruma understands how crucial it is to ensure the market is as reasonable to its artists as possible. Nkruma just recently signed up with the Los Angeles chapter board for the Recording Academy to promote for reasonable treatment and settlement for songwriters, artists, artists, and manufacturers. “I believe in some cases that details [about the music market and settlement] can be a little suspicious or it can be a little unclear,” she states. “And if there’ s any method that I can assist pass that details along … that’ s something that I actively deal with.”

To anybody who has an interest in pursuing a profession in the music market’s service side, Nkruma recommends believing and getting an internship about how to keep knowing. “Constantly be a trainee,” she states. “Pick individuals brains, however then know their time.” Maybe most significantly, understand your worth and “use what you might bring” to the table. For Nkruma, the individualism of each artist and her work at Fender is what keeps her thrilled to play her own function — pun planned — in keeping music alive.

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