It’s not only humans who are right-handed. Dolphins also have a dominant side

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(CNN)It’s not simply human beings that are left or right-handed. Animals likewise reveal a clear choice for what researchers call “lateralized habits.”

Now, researchers have actually discovered that typical bottlenose dolphins reveal a choice for their best side when it pertains to foraging for food on the seabed.
Dr. Jennifer Kaplan, who became part of the group that performed the research study in the Bahamas, stated it was the captain of their research study vessel who initially observed that the dolphins constantly kipped down the exact same instructions.
    “This structure lies on their best side and would be the very best side to be angled down for echolocation,” she stated.
    Kaplan likewise stated that simply as people procedure language in the left hemisphere of our brains, dolphins might likewise utilize the left side of the brain, which is connected to the best eye, to process sensory info.

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