How we live together: the father and son

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We view a superhero movie together as soon as a week and make pizza

Dave Barker, 67

Matthew has Down’s syndrome and has actually dealt with me and his mom all his life. As we’re now separated, he deals with me every other week. In general he is a pleasure, a tonic, and makes individuals laugh. He likes angels, beasts and gorillas, and invests hours composing odd prose about witches and zombies. We view a superhero movie together when a week and make pizza. Matthew works as a cleaner for 2 hours at the regional leisure centre and has one good friend he sees frequently.

Over the years, the absence of real self-reliance has actually been hard for me and the consistent requiring discussion can be stressful. I likewise stress over his health– we are pals and frequently act like siblings, however I will not have the ability to care for him when I’m older which makes me unfortunate.

Matthew, my sibling and I likewise have our own rock ‘n’ roll band; Matthew plays the drums. We play the Rolling Stones and the Beatles at household events– at the minute we’re practicing for his 40th birthday celebration. When we’re playing music on phase together, it’s a terrific sensation.

Matthew Barker, 39

I cope with my father every other week. In some cases I have a beer with him and we enjoy movies and TELEVISION programs. We likewise play music together. Often I likewise DJ at a disco.

I likewise like to compose stories– I’ve been on the typewriter today. We make supper here together and I like that, too. Daddy brings me a cup of tea in the early morning and often I take him a cup of tea on his birthday.

We’re going on vacation to Brighton in February to do a club crawl. I’m anticipating it. It’s never ever hard living with my father.

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