25 Pies That Look Too Good To Eat, Including A Festive Baby Yoda

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This self-taught cooking baker not just brings a banquet to the stomaches of a fortunate couple of, however the pies that she bakes are a banquet for one’s eyes. Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin masterfully integrates her love for conventional American sweet pies with her extraordinary creative skill. The outcome – pies that look so great, it would appear like a sin to consume them. Her works are mainly motivated by popular culture – she makes pies with numerous popular culture icons, whether they are real-life celebs or characters from precious animations.

“I began baking pies for dietary factors about 4 years back. I had actually made a New Year’ s Resolution not to consume any refined sugar or sugar replacement for a year and ended up being truly desperate for some kind of dessert that I might really consume without unfaithful. I understood that I might in theory make a good tasting pie utilizing simply apples, spices, and unsweetened shortcrust pastry … I simply had no experience in the kitchen area. At that point in time, I’d just ever utilized my oven to bake polymer clay figures. I was identified, so I purchased a box of Crisco, followed the guidelines on the package, and made my very first pie. And it was respectable! I took place to eliminate the shape of a dragon on the top and my household believed that was cool, so I kept making artistic styles for my pie tops. As I browsed online for motivation, I found that the art of ornamental pie baking fell out of style about 200 years earlier, and I sort of took it as an obstacle to reanimate the art kind,” Jessica informed Bored Panda .

“To me, Pie Art isn’ t a “ brand-new trend ”- it ’ s the discovering of a lost art type, a method of revealing our love of food and popular culture, a method of finding brand-new cultures, brand-new tastes, brand-new strategies, of extending ourselves artistically and intellectually, a brand-new method of supplying unique dessert deals with for the health-conscious, a method of fulfilling brand-new unusual and fantastic individuals, a method of bonding with the next generation and handing down our love of baking, and many of all a brand-new method of having a good time!” the artist included.

Scroll down listed below to see her most current lovely pies and do not forget to choose the ones you like the most!

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